Friday, October 30, 2009

How Do You Maintain The Quality When You Outsource Things?

When you have poorly defined your contract with a
business outsourcing company, the quality of the
project may suffer severely.

There are many things you can do to verify the project
maintains the expected quality when you are using a
company other than yours.

When you define the objectives for the project you
want completed they need to be defined clearly and
everyone needs to acknowledge and sign off that they
agree to them.

You should not forget anything.

Being too picky is better than not being specific
enough. By forgetting certain things and not
specifying them you are opening a door for poor work
to be done.

Is this what you get when you outsource or do you get quality
when you outsource. (Watch the video.)

When this happens, you cannot request it be changed
and done a different way because it was not specified
in the contract.

What will happen, is that you will have to pay
additional money to have things done the way you want
because you didn’t properly specify in the contract.

One person should not write the specifications for the
project. Projects need to be written by everyone who
will be involved and affected by the project.

You need to be sure you don’t miss anything that might
cause poor quality with the project. If you need to
research equipment and how things are properly done
then you should.

Many people can be affected by poor quality in a
project such as your employees who are using the

However, shareholders and stakeholders also have a
vested interest that the money being spent on an
outsourced project is spent well.

You don’t want to be out of a job because you were not
clear about how the project needed to be done and now
you have a completed project but it makes your
customers very unhappy.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Do You Make A Request For A Company To Do Your Outsourcing ?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is something you write
when you are looking for an outsourcing company to
complete a project for you.

There are many benefits to writing an RFP you should
know before you begin.

The primary purpose of an RFP is to inform suppliers
that your company is looking for business outsourcing
and it encourages these companies to make their best
effort in meeting your requirements.

In an RFP for business outsourcing you will be
specific to the products you would like to use in your

For instance, if you want to upgrade your file servers
and you would like to use IBM Blade servers then you
should specify this requirement.

The more specific you are with your requirements and
your budget, the better bids you will receive.

An RFP also forces suppliers to be realistic and
factual identify your requirements when they come back
with an offer on your RFP.

It also allows for a larger response to your request
for business outsourcing.

It also gives you the opportunity to let the suppliers
know that the process of selection is competitive.

A closed bid selection is the best way to go when you
are looking at suppliers bids on your project. This
way, it doesn’t allow a business outsourcing company
to underbid another company for the project.

You should never tell a company what another company
bid on the project and give them the opportunity. The
entire selection process should be fair to all of the

The best way to find a business outsourcing company is
to write a Request for Proposal for the project and
include detailed requirements for the project. Submit it
to more than one company, so that you can choose one of them.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outsourcing, Some Reasons That You Might Outsource Things In Your Business!

There are many reasons you might consider outsourcing
for your company. Many of those reasons might include
the resources, cost, or staff.

If you are a growing company you might have many
projects you need to complete for your expansion. If
you are upgrading systems you might have projects you
need to complete.

You might not have a staff that knows how to complete
the project or your staff may not have enough people
to complete the project in the time frame you would
like it to be done.

Outsourcing is an excellent idea when you face issues
like this. A company can come into your business and
complete the project on your required deadline.

Another reason you might consider outsourcing is to
save money. You might currently have full-time
employees in positions that only require them to be
around for certain times of the year.

It is cheaper to eliminate the full time employee
position and bring in the outsourcing company only
when you need them to work.

When you bring in an outsourcing company to complete a
project rather than hire a full time employee you are
saving on the yearly salary and the benefits you would
have to offer that employee.

In most cases, it is usually cheaper to hire an
individual or team of people on a temporary basis then
it is to use your own staff.

There are many reasons you might consider outsourcing.

You might have a full-time employee you need for one
specific thing but often has a lot of downtime and you
have to find work for them to do to keep them busy.

There is no reason to pay a full-time employee if you
can hire someone for the duration you need them.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Business Outsourcing, Why A Business Would Use Outsourcing?

Companies might consider business outsourcing for many
different reasons. Outsourcing might be considered for
many different business segments.

Business outsourcing is when a company hires an
outside source to complete work or a project which
would normally be done by the staff.

A company might consider outsourcing for saving money
by cutting down on costs or they might not have the
employee resources to complete a particular project.

Outsourcing gives a company the opportunity to
complete a needed project performed by people who are
not their employees.

This means they don’t have to pay a salary or provide
benefits to the people also.

When business outsourcing occurs the company will
usually enter into an agreement with the outsourcing
company which is usually a contract.

The contract will usually include the terms of the
agreement like steps throughout the project, time the
project will take, people involved, cost, and required
resources from the client.

There are many different types of outsourcing.

The most common segments of a business that hires
outsourcing companies for assistance include
accounting services to help with payroll, inventory,
and financial issues.

The biggest field of outsourcing today for companies
is in the Information Technology field. This is
because companies will upgrade their phones,
computers, need cabling installed, troubleshooting,
and more.

Companies also outsource people for customer service
positions, call centers, and telemarketing.

Outsourcing is a solution for a business to save money
and complete projects and tasks in the workforce
without having full time employees do the work.

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular across
the world every day.

On the internet people often outsource for things like
graphics for the website, creating a website, writing
the sales copy. These are but a few of the things that
could be outsourced on the web.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Joining Email Groups, Like Yahoo, MSN And Google Can Give You More Traffic !

Something that has become increasingly popular since
the Internet has grown are the email groups that are
available through Yahoo, MSN, and other venues.

They are a great way to meet other people who have a
common interest, and are very similar to the
communities that are available through blogging sites.

There is plenty of diverse subjects and there are
communities for just about any subject.

These groups can be a great place for people who have
a blog about the subject and want to share it with
other people.

Most of the time when you join a group, you are
encouraged to take a moment and to introduce yourself.
This is a great opportunity to tell people about your
blog, but make certain that you don't overdo it.

Just like with any of the other places you will
advertise your blog, you want to make people want to
go to your blog. If you are too overbearing, you will
turn people off.

If your blog covers different subjects, you can
advertise it on the other groups that cover those
subjects as well.

Make certain that your post to the groups is
interesting and that you let people know what it is
that your blog is about. There's nothing worse than
getting taken to a blog under false pretences.

When people visit your blog, make certain that you
thank them for visiting and respond to comments that
they leave.

If they know that you appreciate the time that they
took, they are more likely to come back again.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog Advertising And The Importance Of SEO !

Having a blog on the Internet that gives people some
good information doesn't do a lot of good if people
don't know that it's there.

If you want people to be able to find your blog,
something that is important is that you have good
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Whenever you put one or more words into a search bar
to look for something, the SEO of a website is what
helps bring up those websites.

For example, if your blog is about Harry Potter, you
are going to want to be sure that your blog includes
popular terms such as Harry Potter, JK Rowling, and
other things that are related to Harry Potter.

Think about the things that people look for when they
are interested in Harry Potter, and the kinds of
things that come up when you search.

It's always a good idea to use your own experience
when you are optimizing your blog for searching.

Think about what has worked, what hasn't worked, and
use them for your own blog SEO. This way, when someone
puts one of the terms that you put in your blog into a
search engine it will be one of the sites that comes

Of course, there are other factors that come into play
that determine where your blog will come up in the
list, but everyone starts somewhere.

The more keywords that your blog uses, the more people
will come to your blog. It just takes time and

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Using Your Blog As A Source For Article Marketing Can Also Bring In More Traffic To Your Blog!

Depending on what type of blog that you have, it might
be a good idea to advertise your blog using articles.

For example, say you know about jewelry and gemstones,
and your blog is a place where you post information
for people to read about jewelry.

Submitting an article to a website such as Associated
Content can be very instrumental in bringing people to
your blog.

An good example would be is if you wanted to talk
about the common misconceptions about the colors of

You could write about the fact that people assume that
gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies are
one different color, but the truth is that those
stones come in a variety of colors and hues.

Then you can use your blog as a source for your
information, as long as you have blogged about those

The great thing is that some places, like Associated
Content, will pay you for the articles that you write.

So if you sell jewelry on your blog, it's like being
paid twice for your knowledge. Of course, this is just
an example of the way you can use articles to
advertise your blog.

When you are writing an article, be creative. You
don't have to be an expert at what you do. If you
enjoy writing stories, you can say that posting
stories on blogs is a new and different way to share
your stories with others.

Then, post your blog link as your source and you have
people checking out your blog and your stories.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Traffic To Your Blog By Social Bookmarking Sites!

Social bookmarking sites are a growing trend and are
becoming more popular each and every day. They are a
great place to share your bookmarks with everyone and
to be able to access them from any computer. They are
also a great place that you can post a link to your

There are over fifty social bookmarking sites that you
use to submit your link to your blog. Digg, Digo, Blue
Dot, and are just a few of them that are
the most popular. Each site has its own guidelines and
rules for posting links, so it's important that you
want to read the rules that they have before you post
any links.

Because social bookmarking isn't as targeted as other
forms of advertising for your blog, you may find that
it will take longer for it to be effective. But it's
also a good way for you to get your blog noticed and
it may bring in people who may not have found your
blog another way.

Since social bookmarking doesn't always give you the
opportunity to know who it is that has seen your site,
or get to know other people, it's always a good idea
to keep track of the visitors who say they were linked
to your site through a bookmarking site. If the site
allows you to put a comment, ask people to let you
know on your blog that they found it through a social
bookmarking site and which one. That will help you
know how effective it is.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Joining Communities Is A Good Way To Get Your Blog Noticed!

Something that you will find, especially if you join
something like Live Journal or Greatest Journal, is that
users just like you have created communities for
people with common interests.

There are communities for just about any subject, and
if you find that there isn't a community for the
subject you can create one. This is a great place to
advertise your blog.

The nice thing about communities is that there isn't
any limit as to how many communities that you can

For example, say that you love blogging about books,
horseback riding, and skiing in Tahoe. All you have to
do is look through the communities for ones that have
those interests and join them.

As long as you post something related to the topic to
the chosen community, people will see you and perhaps
they will check out your personal blog.

Something to remember is that you don't want to write
a post that is one sentence long in order to get people
to go to your blog. They will want to know that what
you write is interesting and is something worth

Joining communities can be a great way to advertise
your blog and drive traffic to it. If you are
referring to something that you posted about on your
blog, you can use a link back to your entry in your

As with posting comments on someone else's blog, you
don't want people to think that you joined a community
simply to get traffic to your blog. Otherwise, people
won't visit your blog and you may get banned from the
community as well.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forums For Bloggers Is A Good Place To Place An Ad!

No matter what type of blog that you have, one of the
best places that you can advertise your blog is to
join a blogger forum. After all, everyone who posts
there has a blog and that's the main subject.

It's a great place to meet other bloggers and to
advertise your blog.

There are quite a few blogger forums that you can sign
up for on the Internet. One is known as Bloggeries,
where you can show off your blog, get your blog
reviewed or review other blogs, and find lots of tools
that you can use for your own blog.

Another good place to go is to Blog Forum.

Blog Forum, like Bloggeries, has spots for you to
market and show off your blog,

Blogger forums are a great place to advertise because
everyone in them are of the same mind and want to make
certain that their blogs get noticed and read.

If you use your blog to advertise something that you
are selling, or you want to get a lot of traffic to
your blog in order to make money, you want to go
someplace where it can get exposure.

When you advertise on a blog forum, you know that you
are placing your advertisement in a place where
blogging is something that people enjoy.

Just remember when you are posting to a forum to read
the rules and abide by them. That way you'll get your
blog noticed and you will know that you are doing the
right thing.

Here are some to check out:
Authority blogger
Digital point
Blogging tips
Blog experiment
Blogger talk
Search engine watch
Blog cash

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Your Blog Noticed By Placing Your Blog In The Blog Directories!

If you want to have more people visit your blog, there
are plenty of blog directories on the Internet that
you can submit your blog to so that people will come
and visit it. Most blog directories are listed by the
topics that the blogs that are submitted cover.

Blog Catalog is a free blog directory that offers
categories such as career and jobs, writing, Iraq, and
many others. It has features such as featured blogs
and other things to offer those who submit their blogs

Another great place to add your blog is Not only do they have an an
extensive list of categories with sub categories, you
can get your blog reviewed. For the most popular
blogs, it shows the amount of hits that blogs have and
if they have any reviews. As well as listing by
category, the blogs are also listed by location.

There are other blog directories on the Internet -
these are only a couple of them. But blog directories
are a great place to advertise your blog and to make
new friends. You never know what you will find when
you browsing through the directory, and you may just
find out information that you never knew. Some of the
blog directories offer chat features as well, so that
you can meet other people easily.

As you can see, blog directories are a great place to
get your blog noticed and bring people to read your
blog and look at your pictures.

This is a list of the top few that you can look at, some charge
fees and some do not:

blog catalog
Top ranking blog
Google directory
(The two above list a lot of directories)
Best of the web
Blogging fusion
Top blog area

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sharing With Other Blogs Can Bring You More Traffic

Blogging traffic is a give and take relationship.
Sometimes one of the best ways to get traffic to your
blog is by visiting someone else 's blog.

Go to their blog and read one of their entries, or
read a few of them. Chances are that you are going to
find something that you have in common.

When you find something that you find truly
interesting on a blog, leave a comment so that they
know that you were there.

One of the best known blogs available is LiveJournal.
A great feature of LiveJournal is that you can search
for interests on their site and it will come up with
results of those who have that interest.

Are you interested in horseback riding? You can see
what other bloggers are interested in horseback riding
as well.

When you are commenting on someone's post, you want to
make sure that you don't leave generic comment. If you
like the post, say something about what you read in
the post.

After you have commented on the person's post, then
you can say something like, 'I really like horseback
riding too. I had a similar experience to yours.' and
then use it to link back to your journal.

But be sure that you sound sincere when you are
commenting, and don't make them feel like you're just
fishing for traffic.

If someone thinks that you are using their blog to get
more traffic to yours, they won't visit your site and
your efforts will be wasted.

You can always learn things from other blogs that can
help you. You just might like the things that is on the other
blog. You will enjoy coming back often to make comments
on their blog. They in turn may come to your blog. Others see
what you have written and come to your blog to see what you
have to offer. We all help each other in this way in the blogging
circles. That is why they call this social marketing. You get many
people talking to each other,learning from each other. So much
fun it can be for you. What great friend you can make this way.
If your two blogs have the same subject that you are talking about
some of the people that regularly visit their blog may start coming
to your blog as well. Some of yours will visit them as well. And a great
time can be had by all.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Traffic To Your Blog By Adding The Blog Address In Your Emails!

If you have a blog that you are particularly proud of,
and that you want to share with other people, there
are a lot of free ways that you can get your blog

One of those ways is something that you do everyday,
and that you may not even consider as a way to share
your blog. Put the link to your blog in your email

Chances are that you send out emails more times than
you can count during the day, Each time you send out
an email, you can advertise your blog by putting the
address of your blog in your email's signature.

It's always a good idea to write something catchy
like, See what I am up to now, or Read my latest
chapter of my family life here, see how the blog can
help your online business, depending on what type of
blog you have.

The thing to remember about putting an advertisement
in your signature for your blog is to make it short,
but eye catching.

You want people to be interested enough to want to
click on it, but you also don't want to scare them

Just like it is with any advertisement, you want to
give them just enough to be interested and take a
closer look at what it is that you are advertising.

Think about what it is that your blog is about. What
is really going to interest people about it and want
to visit? That is what you should include in your
signature, and that is what is going to get people to
go to your blog.

Have a nice day.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Do You Get The Word Out About Your Blog Or Website !

If you are someone who uses chat programs such as AIM,
ICQ, Yahoo messenger, MSN, or Googletalk and have a
lot of online friends, it can be a great way to get
people to read your blog and to leave comments on it.

As it is with your signature on your email, you don't
want to just send an instant message to people
every time you update your blog. You also don't want to
simply send a message to someone asking to read your

For someone who has been on your friends list for a
while, you can be less formal of course, but you want
to be polite when you talk to people who you may have
not talked to in a while or someone who is new.

Use your own judgement when you are chatting with
people about your blog. If it's someone that you
haven't talked to in a while, and someone asks you
what you have been up to, you can point them to your
blog so that they know what is going on with you.

Some blogs, like LiveJournal, have their own messaging
program, so that's also another good way to advertise
your blog.

Be certain that you don't send someone a message
though only to advertise your blog. It's more polite
to say something about their blog first, and then tell
them about your blog.

If you have a common interest, it's a good ice breaker
and it will give you something to talk about.

An other way would be to put out a press release. This
way you let everyone what your blog is about and how
to find it.

Twitter is a way to let people know about thing that
you are doing, how to find your blog or website.

These are but a few of the ways that can help you
get more people to your blog or website. Most of these
things cost you nothing but a little of your time.
Are you doing these things already. Use them to your

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Domain Name Marketing Is The Way To Success!

When you start your own business you want to find a
way to drive customers to your store. Domain name
marketing is becoming more common to use in
advertising your online business.

Domain name marketing is easy once you figure out how
to do it. To start you need to have a website up and
running online.

This will help you come up with a great domain name
and peak your potential customer’s interests. When you
use domain name marketing you can double the amount of
customers that come into your shop online and if you
run your shop offline as well you may find that you
make more money when you are online. Marketing is an
improved technique to advertising.

Success is determined by the amount of time you want
to put into it. If you are willing to put in a lot of
time and effort you may find that your payoff will
come sooner rather than later.

Customers appreciate details and your domain name
marketing results will show you how many customers and
potential customers you have reached. Not everyone
will purchase something the first time they shop.
Don’t let this discourage you.

Chances are they will return to your site, especially
if they have it bookmarked by one of your
advertisements. Marketing is a great way to tell the
world that you are in business and when you get a
chance stop in and visit. Make sure you protect your
domain name by registering it before you advertise.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Domain Names That Use Keywords Get More Traffic To The Website!

When you are choosing your domain name you will want
to use keywords in your name that will help someone
find your website easily by searching. When you
include keywords in your domain name you are letting
the name speak for your business. Someone will know
right away what you are offering just by the name.

They can click on your website for details on the
products that is offered on your site. Making your
domain name keyword friendly can increase your chances
of getting more business and increasing sales.

When a customer does not purchase something the first
time they will probably return and possibly purchase
the next time. In the future they know where they can
find your site and what all it offers.

Keywords are very important when it comes to domain
names and it will set you apart from other sites
online that offer similar products that no one knows
about because of the name.

Before you get started using your name you need to
make sure it is unique and not already out there. You
will need to do a search to see if someone else has
already registered the domain name for their business.

If the name you have chosen is not in use then you
need to register it before someone else. If the domain
name is already taken, you will need to choose an
alternative domain name that will describe your
business using keywords. Using keywords will increase
your customers and your sales.

Please leave a comment. We love reading them.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Domain Name Markeing, How to use it?

If your website has been up and running for quite some
time but your sales are not really increasing but
staying within the same range you may want to consider
domain name marketing to increase your business.

Sometimes one ad can go in a thousand different
directions and it is quick and easy to get it started
by domain name marketing. When you use any kind of
marketing to enhance your business you will need a
plan to know what direction you want to go in to

You don’t want to just type in a couple of ads and be
done with it. You will need to spend a lot of time and
effort into your marketing in order to make it

If you don’t the result will equal to the amount of
time you spent. At first you may not see much of a
difference and fear your countless hours behind the
keyboard were wasted and then it will happen.

They will start visiting your site until you have
someone in your shop nearly all the time. Sometimes
it’s not what you sell but how you sell it that gets
your customers in.

Don’t stop marketing just because you are starting to
see a change. You need to continue to work at it until
you can level off on the marketing and just market
once or twice each month, more during holiday seasons.
It won’t be long until your business will be a

What are your comments on marketing your domain

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can The Wrong Domain Name Hurt Your Business?

You have decided to start your own business online and
you want to start advertising and getting potential
customers to your site.

Imagine being able to run your business 24 hours a day
7 days a week and never leave your house to do so.

Running a business online can be very profitable if
you have the correct domain name for your business.

You don’t want to mislead your customers by
advertising something that you don’t sell to get them
into your store. This can lead to trouble and you
don’t need that.

When you choose your domain name you may want to
consider your most popular item that you will be
offering and see if you can add that into your domain

Like if you have the name "Pens R Us" chances are your
customers will know that you are selling pens, paper,
and office supplies.

When they need to order they can click on your site to
choose from the many varieties that you carry. They
may even be able to get their company logo on the pens
when they order. This is a great way to add your
business product into your domain name.

If you are selling pens and office supplies and you
choose a domain name such as "Paper Products", this
covers a lot of general ground and may not attract the
potential customers that you would have attracted if
you had used "Pens R Us".

You need to try to be specific on your domain name in
order to get it right. Your name sometimes says it all
and it is all that someone will see. Choose a name
that is important to your business and you will be a

Have you had success with your domain name?
How has it helped your business?

Leave your comments, we love to read them.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"