Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Do You Choose An Ebook Compiler?

Choosing an ebook compiler depends on a number of factors:

1. How did you create your pages? Did you use HTML or PDF format? There are many more compilers available for HTML, but you can find some very good compilers that will convert your PDF files into an ebook.

2. Consider how easy the program is to use and the thoroughness of the software's instruction manual. It is absolutely necessary that the compiler you buy have an instructional manual, documentation, or online "wizards." If it doesn't , your chance of figuring out how to correctly use the program are compromised, and the time required doing so is going to be significant. Many manufacturers of compilers offer a free trial version so you can play around with it and see if it suits your needs. Download the trial version and ascertain that it actually does what it claims to do.

3. Security features. If you plan to sell your ebook, check out the security features of the compiler software carefully. Security features should include: prevention of the reader from modifying text, access only to the pages you assign or by entering a password, different ways of generating passwords such as secure passwords, user-friendly, and open passwords.

4. Support scripting. Find out what scripts the software supports. Scripting allows you to create special effects, customize menus, and create and modify other user interactivity. Choose a compiler that permits you to include graphics, search windows,hyperlinks, forms, surveys, etc.

5. Pricing. This is a factor that is not always easy to gauge. The highest priced compilers are not automatically your best choice. Choose your compiler based on the necessary requirements for your ebook. That means you need to know exactly how you plan to use your ebook and what functions you require.

We will go more into depth in the next blog. Enjoy and we would like to hear your comments.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

What Is An Ebook Compiler?

You have written and revised your ebook, hired an artist who has produced outstanding graphics, and now your are ready to actually put together your ebook. What you need to make an ebook is software called an ebook compiler.

There are many different compilers to chose from, but first, you need to know exactly what a ebook compiler does. Her is a simple explanation:

An ebook compiler is a software program that converts either text pages or HTML text into a single executable file or an ebook.

If you or someone that you hired has created a file with graphics in HTML, you will need an HTML ebook compiler. This type of compiler requires a working knowledge of the HTML tag language. You can also use software to do this for you. Such as Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

There are a large number of ebook compilers available on the market, all with glowing sales copy and tekkie language. It can get very confusing and overwhelming very fast without some simple guide lines to help you which compiler is right for you.

In the next part we will go into how to chose an ebook compiler?

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lies, Lies, and More Lies, We Have All Been Lied To.

These are not small lies. They are Big. Some are the cause of ruin for many people. Have you heard this one: Go to school, get good grades, get your education. Now it is time to get a job, work hard and you will get what you want in life.

Really, in these economic times. It is not a sure thing about a job. Here today gone tomorrow. It is not just the media, government or financial institutions telling these hurtful lies.

Often it is those that your trust most and are the closest to you that tell you these lies as well. They should have your best interest at heart. They say "stay in your daytime job, it's safer." How safe is it today with so many out of work and more lay to off coming?

Some people through you a life line, that are nothing but lies. They make offers that they can not back up. They make it look solid, but it is just quick sand with you ending up at the bottom, with failed hopes and dreams all over you.

Together all these thing are responsible for the hopelessness, feeling of doom and gloom. There are ways out of this mess one person at a time. But if the people believe the gloom and doom, then they will not get ahead. They will not change what they are doing.

You can start your own online business. It has to be the right business.

Can you turn a negative into a positive and make money from it. Some can, are you one of them?
Sometimes you have to think outside the box. You lost your job at age 60. Now what do you do?
Do you give up, lay down and die. Or do you find a way to make it a positive, not a negative.
We saw not to long ago a man put his face, name and website on a billboard for all to see that he wanted to work. He had people contact him. Would you contact him? He thought outside the box. What can you think of.

The Government says we will Bail out this economy. I for one am not willing to wait for the Government to get it done for me.

The internet does not take much money to get started with, not as much as it would with another kind of business. It is best if you can find a mentor to help you along the way. (Be careful of the wolves in sheep clothing.) Some would lie to you, just to get your money and run.

These are a few more of the lies that we are told every day:
* This is a good company you will have job security here-a lie.
* The Government is going to fix the mess that they started in the first place-it is a lie.
* You will be able to depend on Social Security-another lie.
* Government has your best interest in everything that they do-it is the biggest lie. They are just looking for power for themselves. They do not care about the common person. So this to is a lie.

Running your own business puts things back in your control, what others have tried to take from you and out of your control.

A job is something that pays you just enough for you to stay, but not enough for anything else.
Job is:
Is this where you want to stay? Just Over Broke. Living pay check to pay check. How do you want to get financial freedom? Is your J. O. B. going to give it to you?

What dreams have you been putting off or have let die all together? Are you letting fear stand in your way. Walk around fear. Do not let Fear stop you from getting what you want. Are you taking action for yourself or are you waiting for the government? It is time to set your goals and move forward one step at a time. Take Action Now. Now is the best time to go forward.

The trick is to find what people really want and give it to them at a good price. More people today are growing a garden. Seed are great to sell. So are gardening tips for those just getting started in growing a garden. What do they need to know step by step. Something that goes along with that is, how to do canning? If they are going to grow it they will need to know how to preserve the food that they have taken the time to grow. Recipes are also needed for canning.

"How To Do..." product of all kinds are something that people want. Things that they can use. Something that they will pay for as well.

Can you fill the needs of other people. They are looking for solutions to the problem that they are having. Can you find a way to be the solution to the problem that many people are having.

Look for a problem that people are having. Can you be the one that points them in the right direction. Help them to find a way to fix the problem. They will keep coming back, again and again.

How did you take action? What solution did you find for yourself or for others? We would like to hear from you. If you do enough things to help others, then that helps you to get to were you want to be even faster. Keep helping others and yourself.

copyright Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are You Doing Article Marketing? This Will HelpYou With That.

Do you need good content for you article marketing, blogs, websites, ezines, whatever you need content for? Are you having trouble coming up with things to write about?

This will help you along those lines. Free PLR (private label rights, this means that you can do what you want with it. Add things to it. Change it as you wish. Put them all together and call it a special report. Put even more of them together and you have an ebook.) Give it away. Sell it. They come to you free every day, in your in box.

You need to do a little work to them. They have not been edited. This is to your advantage for you to make changes to them. They might be sending them out to a lot of people, but all of the people do the changes that they want. They are now all different. No two will be the same even if the started out that way. That is why it is in your best interest if you do make changes to these articles.

It takes you less time to make a few changes to an article, than it does to write it from the beginning. You can use them as you like, on you website, blog, ezines, article marketing...

What a great way to get traffic to your sites. If you have good content they will find you a lot sooner than if you do not. You are always in need of good content. This help take care of that need. If they read what you put out than they will want to know more, you then get more traffic.
That is free advertising for you. How does not want more traffic?

This is where you need to go to find out more about this: http://www.plrarticlesdaily.com/
You can even get paid to tell people about these articles and this website.

Enjoy all the good content that you will get. Leave your comments and let us know how things are working for you with PLR.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready, Set,Go, It Is Time To Take Action

You have studied hard to find the right company that will work for you on the internet. They have great products. You have looked at these things:
*Mistakes to be avoided.
* Questions to ask.
* Problems that might get in the way.

You get all of them answered. Now it is time to start with this company. You have a problem, it is staying focused! FOCUSED on the tasks at hand. You are busy all day long, but you do not seem to be getting things done. Money is not coming in, in a way that you want it to.

Now it is time, time to take action:
* Place those ads.
* Talk to people on the phone.
* Write articles to get peoples attention.

Do you stop at placing one ad? Nothing happened from that. Do you stop at talking to one person on the phone? They did not want to join you in the business that you like. Do you just give up? No You keep trying and learning. Do you place 300 ads a day? Do you make 100 phone calls a day. Do you write and published 3 articles a week?

Or are you one of these people:
* "I tried "such and such company" for six weeks but did not earn anything."
* " I placed a solo ad but did not make enough sales."
* " I started listening to the teleseminar but did not finish it because it was 2 hours long."

You have a hard time staying focused on what needs to be done. You get side tracked with emails. This, that and another thing. But no sales. No emails sent out.

The problem is focus. Staying on track. Not busy work.
Put things in order of importance.
* Sending out your sales emails.
* Talking to prospects on the phone.
* Making sales.
Everything else after that, as needs to be done. Doing the tasks what will make you the money that you need. Not getting caught up in other waist time things, that do not make you money.

Stay on task. Be good to yourself. It is worth it in the end. Leave your comments as to how you would do the tasks at hand.

Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Many Types of PLR Product Are On The Web For You To Use?

Their are 6 different kinds of PLR for you to use on the web. Some you might know about, some you may not have known about. Some are easy to use, some are not.

* PLR Articles-These are the most common. Most people know about these and how they are used.
* PLR E-Books-These are also very common. You have to be careful with these, some are very old. If you plan on doing a bit of rewriting it should not matter.
* PLR Audios-These can be with the written product such as an article or an e-book to give added value to the product that you are offering. They are also great by themselves.

These last three things are not as well known, but they are also very helpful in your business and helping it to grow, if they are used well to promote your products and services.

* PLR Videos-This is fairly new to the area of PLR, take the time to get to know as much about this as possible. It is the next big thing. Videos are all over the web now. To help to market your products and services is a great thing. They work really well.
* PLR Websites-These are rare. They also have a great chance of being the Next Big Thing. These can help build your profits, boost your online profile, help to get more one way back links to your main website or blog...
* PLR Source Code-This is the hardest of the bunch to use to your advantage. You have to know source code to make it work for you. This might be best to get transfer rights to so that you can pass them along to others.

If you have used some or all of these we would like to here your comments.

Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Do You Make A Lasting Impression So People Want To Visit Your Sites

You get one chance to make a lasting impression and you have got only 3 seconds to do it in. Your headlines pull or push people every time. Are they pulling people in or pushing them away? What one do you want to happen? PULL people in, every time. You want them to take action, push a button, read a blog, visit your website, buy a product or service.

If you are marketing a product or service, then the headline to your ad is the thing that people see first. If you do not have a headline that is going to grab the attention of the reader, you might as well not have placed the ad in the first place. Because no one is reading your ad. If no one is reading your ad, then no one is coming to your website to buy your product or service.

If you have a blog, news letter, ezine or other things like this. How are your headlines? Are they getting readers? No matter what it is if the headline does not grab the attention of the reader they are not going to be at your blog, new letter ezine or other things like this.

Websites, squeeze pages, articles for marketing all need good headlines and titles. Do they have good headlines and titles? Change them if they do not.

Are you doing...
* Pay per click
* Writing articles and distributing them.
* Talking to people in person or on the phone.
* Buying ezine ads
* Placing ads for free
They all need great headlines. Do you do test marketing to see how they will do? Do you tweek them? To make them better, change one thing-give it a few days. (Make sure that you can track how it does.) If you do two different ads track them. The one that does the best use it and tweek the other one. What was the difference in the ad after you tweeked it?

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines, they are that important. You can get ebooks on the subject of writing great headlines and ads. Check them out. Another way is learn from the best. Go take a look at the top marketers and what they are doing. What kinds of things are they writing? Do not use their headlines that is stealing. See how they do write the kinds of headlines that they are writing. Go to 10 of the top marketers websites. Study them and how they do the headlines. You will learn a lot just by looking at how they do the headline that they use. If you get emails from them, what do the headlines look like?

Here are some things that will help you to write better headlines:
* 5-7 words work best.
* Make them short and sweet. Explain more in the sub-head, after you have their attention.
* Questions work well as headlines! Make sure that it is the right questions. (Can the question be answered by the product or service that you have to offer.)
* These are great tools in your headlines "?", "!" , they show exhilaration and excitement in what you have written.
* Clearly spell out how your product or service will help them.
* Do you have a step by step formula to help them solve a problem.
* These words help to sell-"for under" and "for less than." Example: for less than $500 .00 you can get 10,000 leads.

These are a few names that you might want to "Google" to learn more about how they write headlines. Look at: Eric Holmlund, Mark Hendricks, Charlie Page, Marlon Sanders,
Perry Lawrence, Mike Filsaime, Jay Abraham, Michael Corcoran, Craig Garcia,
Giovanna Garcia are a few of the gurus to check out.

We would love to hear your comments. What did you learn from the guru's?

Copyright Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Add Music To Your Videos Or Ebooks

For all those videos that people are making now, sometimes they want music in them but they do not know where to get it from. This is a great site for doing just that. Go to:
http://ginnyculp.com/royalty-free-music-grand-piano-grooves.html . What a great way to add to those videos and other things that might need some music to make it that much better. You can not go wrong by adding music to what you are doing, it adds so much to everything. Enjoy the use of music.

copyright Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Making Videos That Are Not Crappy but awesome

If you are like us, just learning how to do the videos so that they do not look crappy. "Friend do not let friends make crappy videos." If you want a place that can help you to learn more about it go to this site: http://camtasia.ning.com/ It is free to join and fun to watch.

Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

By Using Autorespnders In Creative Ways You Become More Profitable

An interested visitor who has been strolling through your site, has finally come to just what she is looking for and is about to make a purchase. It's a sunny afternoon, and her cat, who happens to be sitting on the moss under the visitor's large fifty-year-old snow rose bonsai tree, suddenly jumps down, and the priceless tree topples over.

In the blink of an eye, your visitor exits your site, and your sale is dust-unless you have had the foresight to utilize an autoresponder that has captured her email address. If you have installed an autoresponder, you can then follow-up with her, and in all probability, make the sale when the poor woman has finished repotting her precious bonsai tree.

1. If you run an affiliate program you can publish a newsletter only for them. Inform them of current sales you are running and of promotional material that your affiliates can use themselves to increase their commissions. Include tips, advice and techniques that your affiliates can use to successfully go out and promote for more business.

2. Use it to help distribute your articles. Writing and distributing targeted articles is a powerful tool to build your business credibility, bring traffic to your sites and increase your sales potential. If your articles contain valuable information, many editors will print what is known as a resource box for you. A resource box contains your bio and a brief description of your services or products. It can also contain your autoresponder address. Let's say you've written fifty articles. Put them on separate autoresponder accounts and create a master list that contains the titles of each article, the autoresponder address, and a brief description of them. Then promote your master list. Additionally, if you have affiliates include your publishing guidelines so that they can add their articles to your list, increasing the number of writers who are represented in your articles list.

3. Automate your sales process. Use an ad to insure repeated exposure of your message, which has been proven to effectively increase sales. In your ad, put your autoresponder address where a visitor will be exposed to numerous marketing materials. This multiplies the chances of converting visitors into customers. For example, if you're selling a particular product, put testimonials about how spectacular it is on your autoresponder, and add a detailed, enticing description of your products.

4. Distribute an email course. Each day, have your autoresponder send out another lesson. Just be sure that each lesson has quality content-not a sales pitch. Your content will do the selling for you, and will do it much more effectively. You can include tips centered on a different topic for each lesson, illustrating how your product will benefit the reader. Include the tangible benefits the visitor will reap by purchasing your product. Make sure to include a paragraph of two at the end of each lesson enticing your prospect to consider making a purchase.

5. Distribute free reports. This gives your visitor an idea of the type of information you can provide and the quality of your products and services. Make sure these reports are not sales letters or you will more than likely lose a potential customer than gain a sale.

6. Offer a trial version of your product. Give your prospects a sample of your ebook, course, software, membership, ect. People who are exposed to a little taste often end up wanting the whole pie. You can also capture their email addresses when you offer them a free trial from your website. Set up your autoresponder to give instructions on how to obtain their free trial and then make sure to follow-up to try and close the sale.

7. Use an autoresponder on your order page. Post a request form for visitors to be notified of special offers or discounts in the future. This creates a very effective mailing list that contains the names of people who are already your customers.

8. Now that you have seen some of the ways that the autoresponder can be used creatively, see if you can come up with some brilliant ideas of your own!

What kind of success have you had with autoresponders? Leave a comment about some of the things that you have tried.

copyright Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

8 Way To Use An Autoresponder For Greater Profits

Autoresponders are remarkable, versatile programs that do so much more than just automatically answer your email. Here are a few ideas that will help you to creatively and productively use your autoresponder to transform the casual visitor into a profitable customer. Use your autoresponder to:

1. Publish a newsletter. Certain quality autoresponders will manage subscriptions and follow-up with interested prospects. Your newsletter can keep your visitors informed about your services or products, while building your reputation as a credible expert in your particular business.

2. Write reviews. Cover books, software, music, e-books, movies, ect., and put each review in an autoresponder. Review your affiliate programs, using a link to your affiliate's page in your autoresponder.

3. Create mailing lists. Inform subscribers to your articles when you've written new ones that they may want to publish in their own newsletter or website.

4. Distribute advertising. Let's say you sell advertising on your website, in your newsletter or e-zine. Set your autoresponder to send the information about rates and how to place an ad automatically to all prospects email addresses. Then have your autoresponder do follow-ups. It can also send notification of any special deals you are currently offering.

5. Automate a reminder about your service or product after a visitor has competed your course. This will increase the possibility of sales from visitors who have taken your course but are dragging their feet about actually making a purchase. You can also use these reminders to promote new products or services, and the products and services of your affiliate programs.

6. Create trivia quizzes on your site and place the answers in an autoresponder. Your visitor will then be motivated to request your autoresponder, and you will have a record of the visitors email addresses who took your quiz. You can create a contest and have any visitors that enter send their responses to your autoresponder. Your autorresponder can be set-up to send them a confirmation of their entry.

7. Link to hidden pages on your autoresponder. For example, a hidden page could be your affiliate page that contains graphics, promotional articles, and text links that interested affiliates can make use of. Inform visitors that they may have free access to your affiliate page by simple requesting your autoresponder. You will then gather a list of visitors who may be interested in becoming your affiliates.

8. Put your link pages on your autoresponder. It should contain up to fifty links that would be of particular interest to your visitors. Make sure to add your own promotional copy at the top or bottom of this page.

How many more ways can you come up with? We would be interested in your comments.

copyright Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"