Tuesday, December 30, 2008


These are four videos that will teach you a lot. We think that you will enjoy these videos, we sure did. This is the site to visit to see them: http://www.dreammanifesto.com/videoclips-financial . One of them is by Rich Dad, Poor Dad at the end of 2007. See if it still rings true today. Since it is at the end of 2008. See what they warned about then and what we can do to help ourselves.

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This is a great place to get a little help for setting goals for an online business. It is a step by step to help you out.

Go to this site to watch the video: http://www.internetmarketing.com/goals/2009video.php
Derek Gehl will tell you what it is all about. It is worth checking out. We hope that you enjoy this.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas, to those that have Christmas as a holiday. To all the rest Happy Holidays. May it be happy, joyful and safe.

Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is something that you have to see to keep from beening taken. Go to this web site to see what I mean. From Patric Chan http://internetmarketing-tactics.com/blog/2008/12/how-marketers-are-cheating-innocent.html Go see for yourself.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In the latest meme - the blogosphere's version of the game of tag - Hugo and Roxanne at Believe Achieve , they are great bloggers and friends, have tagged us!!

To continue the fun and tradition, we are to share 7 random facts about ourselves. Then we"ll tag 7 other incredible bloggers to share their random facts. They'll link back to us, and the fun and tradition continues ! ! Such a fantastic way to make new connections and learn more about one another.

This is our 7 things that we would love to share with you.

1. How blessed we are to have good friends like Hugo and Roxanne, that share such good words of wisdom, comfort, and joy with us and all that read their blog.

2. To have people in our lives that love and care about us. That is a great gift, in this season of giving gifts.

3. To be able to have joy in little things - a kind word, a smile, a hug from someone that cares about you.

4. In this time of unsurtanty to have food on the rable, clothes to put on, a roof over our heads, a means to bring in an income to take care of our needs - how good is that?

5. To have our health - to go and do what we want, when many others have such a strugle with every step or can not move at all. We have so much.

6. To be able to learn something NEW, put it into practice and see it work. Then it becomes fun, not just something you have to do. This makes it worth doing and sharing with others.

7. To be able to help others, that they can learn, grow and develop. That they also can achieve their dreams. That is a joy and pleasure to us.

We hope you got something from our 7 random facts. As tradition goes, here are the 7 people that we have tagged. We look forward to learning more about all of you! (Remember link back to the one that tagged you, then tag 7 new people and let them know they were tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. ) Many more connection await ! !

Mike Davis 1988 world champion Dodger's
Anthony Shenberger Help save tigers
Peter Baca Help people with disabilities
Ovid Diaconescu Gas independence
Nithya Health discount business
Joseph Diego EDC Craig Garcia
Hilary Melton-Butcher Mother daughter relationship - the motivation

Readers: we would like to learn something about you as well. Tell us your 7 things that we do not know about you.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is Worth checking out. Does your web site or blog need graphics to spice things up? Are squeeze pages something that you are in need of? Great banners are they what you are in need of? This is created by John Merrick and Soren Jordansen, it is called Instant Banner Creator.Point and click to create your own graphics. To see what this is all about, go to: http://instantbannercreator.com/ .

Dan & Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is something that you need to check out to find out for yourself what he is saying about
" dislike this ". It is important that we all change the way that we think. Time to change our thinking, for the better. Let's not settle any more.

Go to this blog: http://www.mikelitman.com/blog/?p=114 . I hope that you enjoy it and " dislike this". Take the 24 hour challenge. Let us know how it works for you.

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This is a great site. Mark Hendricks has done this 12 days of Christmas give away. This has so much stuff, if you are going to do this get started soon. It will take some time to down load everything that he has on it. Every day he adds more to the list. If you are a marketer and would like to join in the give away. Just contact Mark. He would be glad to add you to the list. It is a good way to add to your list.

To go to the site this is the web address: http://www.hunteridge.com/12days sign in here. It is well worth your time and effort. Do not put it off to the last day or you will not get done with all of it, there is that much. It is worth looking at.

We would like to here what you think of it. We have been doing this the last few years and enjoyed all of it. We hope that you do as well.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We have placed an article in www.squidoo.com . We would be pleased to have you join us there, at: www.squidoo.com/marketing-unscrambled3 . Our lense page is called "From marketing unscrambled to you." Please leave a comment, if you like it - if you do not? We would still like to hear from you.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This has a lot to do with how people find your website. Google, MSN, Yahoo and others are search engines. People type in keywords to help find what they are looking for. The search engines help them find what they are looking for.

The dictionary says that optimum is "most favorable", so when you are thinking about search engines you want your website to have the "most favorable" place on the search engine. That spot is at the top of the first page on a lot of those keywords that more people are looking for.

Now the challenge is to get to those spots on a lot of the main keywords. Now to help you get to those spots, this one thing might not be well known - it is Google sitemaps. What are Google sitemaps? Sitemaps are like an outline detailing every link and every page of your website. Sitemaps use XML (XML is a language like HTML, but simpler to execute.) By submitting your website's sitemap to Google, Google promises that it's spiders will come to your website and it can crawl through every nook and cranny of your website with more efficiency. This makes it more likely that your website is indexed and getting clicks for every relevant query.

Some benefits of Google sitemaps are:
* You alert Google of any changes to your website with no pinging for search engines anymore.
* You can get more efficient categorizing of your website.
* Your website has a greater chance of getting found more in search engines.
* Sitemaps will soon replace other ways of submitting your website.
* At this time it is free to use Google sitemaps.
* If you change your website, just submit an update to Google.

This is a website to get Google sitemap information:
www.google.com/webmaster/tools/about?h/=en go to sitemap generators downloads.

These are some more sites that might help you check them out:
Free site map software ( to see an example and for a free download) go to :

XML sitemap creator ( no page limits):

For word press blogs - sitemaps, for this plug in:

For Google and Yahoo sitemap generators:

If these do not help you this is what I searched, you can look for more here: Google sitemap-tools

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This is an ebook that teaches you how to make money with video. These are some of the chapters that you can learn from:

* What is video marketing.
* How to create your money making video.
* How to monetize video
* how to pick a profitable topic for for your video.
* video ebooks
* and more

This is the way of the future. Are you going to be ready? There are so many things that can be done with video that would be more difficult if you do it some other way.
- You can train people in any industry.
- Sales Massages.
- For fun, a sport - any number of things.
To see this ebook for go to:

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Monday, December 1, 2008


How do you become the KING or QUEEN of content?
* The first thing is you have to know your Niche Market.
* Have fresh new content, this way your visitors come back more often to see the new things that you have.
* You need to have discipline - get your newsletters,blogs done on time, do them regularly.
* Have a plan for adding content.
* Follow the plan without fail, this way you get and keep more repeat visitors that are loyal to you. They want to know more, buy more, think more, enjoy life more - because you help them with something that they are in need of.

If you are writing posts for your blog, you let people know that you will be writing once a week on Thursday. Make sure that it gets done on Thursday ( if there is a holiday and it falls on Thursday, let your readers know "I will be back in two weeks.") Newsletters are the same, have a set time that they come out - once a week or once a month. Make sure that it does, or people will stop coming and you loose visitors or readers.

Writing blogs, articles, newsletters, ebooks, ads, sales copy, all of these things bring visitors back to what you are doing. If you keep adding good content, the visitors will come back again and again.

Where can you get the content that you are adding all the time?
* Write it yourself.
* Pay someone else to write it for you.
* Write a review about other peoples ( place a link to there site and they will love you for it - they might even write a review about your site as well ) blogs, website, products, newsletter, ebooks, articles, ect. This does not have to be just on the web, it can also be newspaper, magazines, even the news - anywhere that you get an idea from ( just give them the credit of where you got the information from. )
* If you get the information from Public Domain you can use it as you wish ( note: one of my last posts told about Public Domain - do not get yourself into copy write trouble.)

Now it is your turn to become the king or queen of content. How do you do with content? Can you do better? I know that I can - sometimes we can all use some help with this. Enjoy and keep up the good work.

copy write 2008 Dan & Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Sunday, November 30, 2008


What are resale rights, master resale rights & private label rights? Why are they important to you?

* Resale rights - you have a license to sell the product to other people. You can not change it in any way.

* Master resale rights - you have a license to sell the product to other people. You also have the right to sell the resale rights to other people as well as the product. You can not change it in any way.

*Private label rights - this license gives you the right to alter, modify, enhance and rearrange the contents of the product to suite your own needs and wishes. What does this mean? You can do as you wish with the information:
a. make it into an ebook from a number of articles.
b. if it is an ebook you can make it into articles or reports.
c. you can add information to what is already there.
d. you can put it in your own name as the author.
e. brand the material for yourself and your business.
f. if the information is lacking then you can add the information that is missing.

As you can see with this right you can do as you wish. That makes this one something very special. If you can get a private label right, then you to can do as you wish.

I would like to hear from those that have used these rights. Others will like to hear about your experience with these rights. Leave your comments I would like to hear from you.

copy write 2008 Dan & Deanna Finlinson " Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, November 28, 2008


A new wikizines on www.zimbio.com, it is called " building a business online, marketing unscrambled, promote site." It is created by Dan and Deanna Finlinson. It has articles, news, pictures and more.

Deanna said, we would like to invite all to come see what we have to share, with all that are wanting to know more to do more.

Dan said, we enjoy sharing with all that come to see what we have to offer.

Deanna said, we have things that can help you grow your business.

Dan said, we also have ideas to help with ideas about buying or selling real estate, interior design ideas, curb appeal ideas, remodeling and building ideas.

Deanna said, what can you add to your life and business? What can you add to help others in your own way?

Dan said, what can you build - build to last?

Deanna said, since we started "Marketing Unscrambled" we hope that we have helped some people, now with our Zimbio wikizine we would just like to add to those that we can do to help even more people. The more that you help others get what they want, the more that you get what you want. It is great to see others learn and grow. Learn to earn. Learn to grow. Learn to make things beautiful, warm and cozy for all around you. How fun it is to learn and grow?

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


We at Marketing Unscrambled would like to say to all have a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This quote is justt what is needed.

A man with money met a man with experience. When the man with experience left with the money and the man that had the money left with the experience.

We all need the experience in marketing. How much is that experience worth?

Friday, November 21, 2008


If you are doing articles, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, books, websites. Do you need more content? Do you need more ideas on what to write about? Public Domain is a great place to get ideas and material. You can use it as it is or use it for ideas and write something yourself with that as the source for the information. What is public domain? It is material the public can use any way that they want. It falls into four main categories:
A. General information like facts, numbers, ideas, titles, blank forms and more.
B. Works granted or donated to be used by the public from public domain.
C. Works by the government or it's agents.
D. Formerly copyrighted works that have not been renewed. They are now in the public domain. They can also loose it due to a number of different situations.

This is a good way to learn more, as you write it for others. If you didn't know it - others might not know it as well.

Not everything on the Internet is public domain. There are stiff penalties for violations of copyright laws.

Things written in the United States before 1923 are in public domain. That is a lot of things to use. Between the years of 1923 - 1963 if the copyrights have not been renewed then that is also in public domain. Of the ones that need to be renewed about 85% have not been renewed. That is a lot of material to be used by anyone that wants to use it.

A lot of places charge for public domain material. They reprint the material and sell them on websites, in book stores. So money can be made with the material from public domain.

In public domain there is also movies, music, images, photos,footage, books,videos,films, mp3 these are a few of the things that are in public domain.

These are sites that are good places to look for public domain information. www.ezau.com This is a good place to look for a lot of different categories. Check it out
www.booksforabuck.com This site shows other free book sites and public domain sources. It also has these four sections:
News and reviews - this is the what's new section.
Affordable ebooks - they sell from $ 1.00 - $ 3.99 and better still some absolutely free ebooks and stories.
Writers - this is a place to publish your work with them, to provide information of value to all writers no matter who they are publishing with.
Sell us your book - this area has frequently asked questions and other things.

If these are not what you need, then do a search for free public domain and find what you need. This is a great source for information to use how you want, even selling it.

copyright 2008 Dan & Deanna Finlinson

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We at Marketing Unscrambled are glad to announce that we have an other blog to help you. Come check it out. It is at http://marketingunscrambled-homeedition.blogspot.com . What will you see on this blog: tips about real estate buying and selling, tips to get better curb appeal, building a new home tips, remodeling and updating tips. This is just starting we would be glad to see you visit and have your comments. Stay tuned to both blogs. It is always good to hear from you here as well.

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Friday, November 14, 2008


Dan & Deanna Finlinson have made a video on choosing a brand for themselves. It is Marketing Unscrambled. Deanna said that "they chose this because there is so much to learn about doing business on line, that some times it's like your brain is being scrambled. As you learn and put it into practice your marketing skills, the more your brain becomes unscrambled."

Dan said "you learn more by teaching someone else to do something. We learn more about it some times than they do. So we are teaching how to market on the Internet and we are doing the marketing ourselves. What better way is there?"

Deanna said "it is nice to be helpful to others as they learn to earn, the more that you learn - the more you can earn. That makes it a win, win situation."

Go to Dan and Deanna Finlinson's video on choosing a brand, Marketing Unscrambled on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/resultssearch_query=marketing+unscrambled&search_type=&aq=f and face bookhttp://www.facebook.com/video/?id=1502618035

copyright 2008 Dan and Deanna Finlinson
Marketing Unscrambled

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sites like http://www.digg.com/ are very useful when it comes to promoting your sites. This is one that can help you to tie all that you do to promote your sites together. ( Sites like websites, blogs, facebook, you tube, my space,twittering,ect.)

You can place articles, videos, posts from your blog. You can go there to see what others are doing. What can you learn from going to http://www.digg.com/ . There is much that can be learned, make sure that you check it out. They count how many diggs that you get. When the story reaches the tipping point then it gets promoted to the home page. Your submissions will be immediately appear in the " upcoming stories" where others can digg it. This helps it move up to the home page.

Customize what you want to be viewed or be hidden. Visit the images,video,and articles that you do want to see.

This is a great place to participate. By adding comments to the stories,images and videos. Give a thumbs up or down to other peoples comments. You can gain friend of the places you visit often. They get to know you and they come to see what you are about. This way you can help each other.

This is a great place to connect with friend, search for friends already on http://www.digg.com/ or invite others to the http://www.digg.com/ site.

To get started: start an account, create a profile, place a photo of yourself, link to your pages on facebook, my space,blogs or your own favorite web pages. You control what to display to others on http://www.digg.com/ by modifying your privacy settings.

You can mark things that you digg as a favorite and it will be displayed at the top of your profile.

What a great site. It can be a fun place to interact and help you to market what you are doing by getting it noticed more and higher on the search engines. To have more visitors is a good thing. The search engines like it a lot as well, so you get noticed more and this site brings you more visitors. This is a great way to say to all on the Internet " Hay I am Here". This is without spamming your products everywhere. It is a quiet way of getting noticed and get more visitors. If people like your articles, videos,images and the comments that you make about what others have done. These are the things that draw people to you and your sites. They are more likely to come take a look at what you are doing and be in a better mind set to look at what you are selling. This gives them a better place to buy from. Not from the place of the ones that want to run from the pushy car sales person attitude that some want to sell with.

I hope that this site helps you as it has me. I would like to hear from you, how it helped you?

copyright 2008 Dan and Deanna Finlinson " Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, November 7, 2008


This was written by a Friend of ours, Curtis in the Bull Rap newsletter. We would like to share it with you. It is very useful for any business.


Why customers stop doing business:

A. 1% die
B. 3% move away
C. 5% Develop other friendships
D. 9% leave for competitive reasons
E. 14% are dissatisfied with the product
F. 68% quit because of an ATTITUDE OF INDIFFERENCE toward the customer

PONDER THIS..........

1. It cost five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep your current customers.

2. The average business never hears from 96% of its unhappy customers.
( But 90% of them will not visit or buy from that business again!)

3. For every complaint received, the average is 26 customers with problems.

4. Complainers are more likely than non-complainers to do business again with the company that upset them, even if the problem wasn't satisfactorily resolved.

5. Customers who register a complaint; Between 54 - 70% will do business with you again if you resolved their complaint. 95% if the problem is resolved quickly.

6. The customer who has had a problem will tell 1 - 20 people about it.

7. Customers who complain to an organization and have their complaints resolved tell an average of FIVE people.

Striving for Excellence at walmart

Good service only stays that way by evolving, Employees should always be on the lookout for new ides and innovations that will improve the level of service. A prime example was Sam Walton's " Sundown Rule." If a customer makes a request, it has to be answered by sundown on the day it's received. Store associates were also admonished to follow the " Ten Foot Rule," which meant they were expected to make eye contact, greet and offer assistance to any customer within 10 - foot radius

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Marketing Unscambled is the brand on Dan and Deanna Finlinson.

It is an honor to announce that we have a new video that is on you tube http://www.youtube.com/resultssearch_query=marketing+unscrambled&search_type=&aq=f and face bookhttp://www.facebook.com/video/?id=1502618035. It even shows up here. We want the world to know it is there for everyone to see.

We would also like to say that we have an article on www.digg.com . It is called " The do's and don'ts of using socail networks to market with." You can find it here: http://digg.com/business_finance/MarketingUnscrambled_TheDo_sAndDon_tsOfUsingSocialNetworks

copyright 2008 Dan & Deanna Finlinson " Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Marketing Unscrambled would like to help you with the do’s and don’ts for those using Social Networks to market your sites and trying to get visitors to those sites. Many people are using the Social Networks to help with the marketing that they are doing for there sites. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about doing this. If it is done right then you get more traffic. If it is not you can scare away the people that you are trying so hard to get to your sites.

There is a lot of spamming going on. Spam on these sites are as unwanted as they are in your emails. This is not a good thing. If you are doing this, it will not help you to get what you want most - more sales. It could be hurting you more than you think.

These are some of the sites that I mean when I use the term "Social Networking". Blogs, twittering, my space, face book, you tube and the list goes on.

I will use blogs as an example. They are all about the same when it comes to this. These are things NOT TO DO.
1. When commenting on someone else’s blog, do not give them a speech about your site and your blog. If they are screening your comments, then they will just delete what you put in there. Then it is not seen at all and you have defeated your purpose in what you were trying to do.
2. Do not place your blog address on someone else’s blog. They will do the same as stated above. They will delete it.
3. On your own blog, if all that you do is act like a pushy car sales person every time people come to your blog, then no one will come back. This also defeats your purpose.

Now for the things that you NEED TO DO. We will still use the blog as an example.
A. When adding comments to someone else’s site, make your comments about what they wrote. Keep coming back to check out the blog and making your comments again about what they wrote. The more that they see your name the more that they will be willing to come to your site to see what you have. This brings greater interest to your site.
B. Have good content. People will want to come back more if you have good things for them to come back for.
C. Write every day. This also give people something to keep coming back for. Your goal is to keep people coming back. Give them a reason to come back. If you do not write anything for a month they will not keep coming back.
D. Link your blog with blog directories, this will get you more traffic to your blog.
E. Put your link to your web site or your promotional page at the bottom of each post. Also have your name and an email address, (phone number if you would like.)
F. This is a time for you to build relationship with those that come to you blog or when you visit someone else’s blog. Find like minded blogs, become friends with them. Write a post on your blog about something that your friend from another blog has written and send people to there blog. ( Send them a email letting them know that it is on your blog. They might do the same for you.) This can add visitors to your site because you help each other out. That is a good thing for both of you. It is worth the time and effort on your part.

I hope that this will help you to gain more friends. You might be pleased with the exploding friendships and business.

We hope that you have a prosperous day.
copyright 2008 Dan and Deanna Finlinson " Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You tube adds to your marketing.

1. This is something that you can create.
2. This is a way to tie your blog, website, facebook, and other net working sites all together.

Video is becoming very important. It can be added to most of these net working sites.

This also gives more links to each of the other sites. This helps with the search engines. They really like videos. This means more people will come visit your sites. Keeps them all working together.

If you are not using video, your competition will be using it. Are you?

copyright 2008 Dan, Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, October 31, 2008


This blog has gotten an award. By my friends at the blog http://believeachievesucceed.blogspot.com/ . It is written by Hugo and Roxanne. I am pleased to have gotten this award. What an honor it is to have gotten it. Visit there blog to read more about it. I like them would like to play it forward to these blogs. They are very helpful and fun to visit.http://www.stomperblog.com/ , http://helpmybusiness.com/, http://www.craiggarciablog.com/ , http://www.ewealthreport.com/ . Such great plases to learn.

Dan , Deanna Finlinson " Marketing Unscrambled"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is an important part of marketing. It can help you stand out from all the others.

If you are doing a web site, blog, facebook, you tube, newsletters, articles and more. You need a way to tie them all together, so that they help you by working together.

This is why we changed the title of the blog. Now "marketing unscrambled" is our brand, learn to earn is what we try to teach here. " Marketing unscrambled " will be on everything that we do on the Internet.

If you want to do this for yourself. Let it be something about you. It is to help you get noticed. Another blog that I like to visit is by Mike Davis, his brand is that he was a major league baseball player. Now that is a brand. Go see for yourself, it is a very good blog. http://rightcenter-leftside.blogspot.com/

What can you come up with that will help you get noticed? Find yourself a brand for what you are doing.

I would like to know what you came up with. Could you please let us know, we would be glad to hear from you. Come back soon.

copyright 2008 Dan, Deanna Finlinson " marketing unscrambled"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


People are using search engines to find the things that they want. They are telling the marketers what they are looking for by what they type in. That is why it is important to do the research to know what they are searching for.

The first place to start is to find the market that you are wanting to work with. For example if you want to do women's clothes. This is a very big topic. It is best to narrow it down so that you get the exact people looking for what you are selling. This is called a niche market. It helps to bring the right people to your site. They are the ones that will stay and shop in your web site and put their money down to buy things. If it is not what they are looking for or it is hard to find what they are looking for, they will leave. That is why it is needed to narrow it down so much.

You know you want women's clothes as your market. Now it is time to narrow it down. To find the keywords, look up in search " free keyword tools". You get sites like:


These are just a few that can be used.

Now that you are on the site that you want to use for your keyword search, in the box provided, type in " women's clothes". A list of other things people looked up, that is along the same lines as this. These are examples: " women's clothes", " plus sizes women's clothes", " discount women's clothes", " women's travel clothes". These can help you narrow it down. If all you are selling is plus sizes women's clothes, it would not be a good match for someone looking for Tall and Thin women's clothes. They would leave.

Why are keywords needed? They can help you when you are writing ads. They can help you say the same thing more than one way so it is not boring to read. They help you to narrow down the field so that you get the people that are interested in what you are selling or providing. If they want what you are selling or providing they are more likely to buy what you have.

Keywords are great when creating your web pages. The keywords help the search engines find you. If the search engines find you you get more traffic and more people buying what you have.It is a win win, you get sales, the people get what they were looking for.

By looking up the keywords you might come up with more ways of say what you want to, with many different ways of saying it. For example: " online marketing", " online marketing business", " business marketing online", " marketing online", " online marketing campaigns". Many different ways of saying the same thing.

This help you get more traffic because you are using more than one of the keywords. These people are all looking for the same things. That helps you every time.

As you do the research, it helps in these ways as you use the keyword tools that these sites provider.
Different search term that they suggest.
Seasonal search trends.
Related keyword searches.
Miss spelling of words - that way you can profit from these as well, it can get you more money.
Industry keywords - example for a Dental Lab. that makes crowns and bridges, some of the keywords would be: " model and die", "coping", "anterior and posterior", "porcelain shades",
" veneers ". Not every one would know what these mean, but to some one in the industry they are the keywords.

If you are trying to promote your web site, write ad copy, running PPC campaigns, blogging or writing content for press releases, articles and so much more you need these keywords. Do the research to identify what the keywords are. I have given you what to do with them after you have found them. Now it is time to put them to work.

I would like to know how they work for you. Leave a comment. I would be glad to hear from you. Join me again next time.

Deanna Finlinson

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What is natural traffic? It is traffic that comes from search engines, other web sites,blogs, ect. Why is it important? The more natural traffic that you have the better your rankings are in the search engines. The search engines like this kind of traffic to your web site. How do you get this kind of traffic? By linking different kinds of things together, like: different web sites, blogs, Craig's list, face book, articles that you have written and posted. These are just a few of the places that you can link together. There are many other places that can be linked together. Most of the things listed above are free.

The more that you have these links working for you, the more traffic that you get naturally. A lot of these things are free to do, so you get this traffic without spending money to do it. They do take some time, but it is worth it when you get this kind of traffic. When you get noticed by others, they put your link on their site and it really can snowball.If you put your blog into a few blog directories. That helps you drive traffic to your blog. The blog drives traffic to your web site and so on. They all help each of the other things that you are linked to. You could be ranked # 1 on search engines without paying a dime. What a great way to gain traffic. How good is it for your bottom line to get traffic without paying an arm and a leg? In these hard time for finances this is a good way to get traffic for no money. Great way to advertise. I hope that you have great success with this information. I would like to hear how they work for you. Please leave your comments and come back soon.

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is good information by Terry Dean www.mymarketingcouch.com . He is a great teacher the more you can learn from him the better. This is some of the information that I have learned from him.

5 key strategies of freedom

1. Choose the right market idea
2. Prolific product development
3. High conversion websites
4. Generate targeted buying traffic
5. Create systems that do the work for you

1. Choose the right market idea

To find the market you need to find the hungry crowd first. You need to know what they are needing, so that you can answer to that need. These are some sites that help you to search them out to find what people are looking for that you can provide what they need.
http://toolsseobook.com , http://www.wordtracker.com for key words and phrases, http://www.boardreader.com for forums that you can read what the problems are.

Next in your list of things to do is find out if others are making money with these ideas. These are web sites that will help you to search out the information on how is making money and with what they are making money with ( key words and phrases.) http://paypal.com/shops , http://clickbank.com/marketplace and http://pulse.ebey.com .

2. Prolific product development

You need to compete in a competitive marketplace with the products that you develop. If the competition has DVD's, then you do ebooks. If they are doing ebooks, then you do articles to post. If they are doing articles, then you can do newsletters. In other words find something different that the competition is not doing so that you can stand out in the crowd.

Have more than one product to sell to people. It is also helpful to have multiple streams of income ( get one started first then add more.) Your first sale is to generate a customer, keep them coming back for more.

Now it is time to focus on methods to generate products quickly. (A) You can start with making short reports that can be given away as an incentive to join your newsletter or as a thank you for your order. (B) Other people have written articles and other thing that they are willing to let other people use them. They are in public domain areas. (C) Do an interview with someone that is knowledgeable in an area of interest and make it into an article that can be posted. (D) Do a webinar, charge a small amount for people to come join you as you teach the subject that you have planed.(E) Use a camcorder and make a video for example a day in the life of a real estate agent.

3. High conversion web sites

The web site is the strongest leverage available to you.

Three Quick Million Dollar Tips
A. Type out top producing letters ( from other people). This imprints it into your brain and you learn to write better every time that you do this. That way you can teach yourself to write good sales copy.
B. Find the big hook in your offer.
C. Write like you speak.

There is only one teacher that is 100% right all the time. It is not a person, it is the test market.
Google optimizer is a free multivariate testing solution.

4. Generate targeted buying traffic.

It is not visitors we're after. It is buyers

Three Methods for Delivering Buyers
A. Content such as blogging, articles and videos.
B. PPC and other paid advertising.
C. Affiliates
With affiliates, you have to: find them, equip them and motivate them.

5. Create systems that work for you.

A real business is a profitable system that works for you... instead of you working for it.

Train your team members with step-by-step systems in written procedures and videos.

Leverage them to work without you having to manage them.

Not using systems is like trying to run an internet business with an old typewriter. That does not work.

Terry Dean www.mymarketingcoach.com

Deanna Finlinson

Friday, October 17, 2008


These are three ways to do paid ads that are a little different that can help you to increase to your list and your pocket book.

1. Solo ads - the best way to do this is to search solo ads. Do not just go with the first ad that you see check them out. Do not stop at page 1, you might do better by going to other pages 2,3,4,5,6 and so on these might be really good companies. They might have less people using the list that you are sending to and so better results. Test them out, start small and work you way up to the big numbers as they prove that they can deliver what they say. This is using other people's list to build your list.

2. Ezines and ezine directories do your home work first. Read them carefully. When they say $20.00, it might be $20.00 a month. Do not get stuck. As with above, start small and work your way up. Great way to get ads and people to your web site.

3. Newsletters are also a way to do ads. Since newsletters are going out to niche groups, your can pick the one that fits best with what you are doing. Check to see how often it goes out. Is it weekly, by weekly, monthly. Choose the one that fits your needs best.

The better your ads are the better that you will do. Write them yourself or hire someone else to write them for you. One of the best ways to learn to write good ads is, look at other ads. If it is something that you would click on them others would also. Learn what they are doing right. Follow that for yourself. Do not forget the headlines, they are what catch the eye. If they jump out at you they will jump of for someone else. Enjoy, do your homework first, test by starting small and add to that.

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Why people fail with online marketing. People are befuddled with the lack of response that they are getting from the marketing campaigns they are doing. They say " I have tried everything". What they really mean is that they have tried the one or two things that they know how to do. These are not working. No traffic and no sales.

Here are four ways that can help. They are free of cost, but they will take you some time and effort. They can be linked to each other and to your capture pages.

1. Start a blog. Choose something that you are interested in. It does not have to be long. Start with two or three paragraphs. It is ok if it is a bit longer. If it is to long make it into two posts. Post something every day. It keeps people coming back for more. ( You will need about ten posts for searches to even find you so keep going. ) If you are writing them you can copyright them. Sign your name, put in your email, add a link to your capture page.
2. Go to a site like: www.dig.com , www.zimbio.com or look in search under blog directories for more. These two are free to join. They can help you get placed higher in the search engines and get more traffic to your blog.
3. Write articles. (You can use some of your longer blogs and make them into articles.) Post them to places like: www.ezinearticles.com or www.zimbio.com or google article posting to fined more places to post them. ( Look for the free sites.) Remember they do not like a lot of links in the articles that you post with them.
4. These are a few other places that are free to post things, including ads: www.facebook.com , www.myspace.com , www.youtube.com ( great place for video ads for your site), www.adlandpro.com , www.backpage.cm , www.craigslist.org, these are free and can give your site more exposure, more traffic and sales.

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson


As your ads send people to your web site, they are directed to the capture page. It is short and sweet and to the point. It is a way to have people give you the information that you want, such as name, email, phone number and address. Four ways that it is important:

1.This helps you to create your list. They become your leads.
2. You can email to them with more offers later as follow up offers. They are more likely to buy from you if they have bought from you before.
3. The serious leads return to your site, call or email you again.
4.On top of that once the person fills out their information they are immediately redirected to your web page. They learn more about what you have to offer. They have a greater chance of buying more things from you and they come back more.

You get more opt-in leads, they help you build your business one person at a time. You can continue to email them. It is best to email them once or twice a week. If some one says that they are spamed you copy the capture page and email it to them and them remove them off the list. That way they do not say that you spamed them. They just might come back again.

Copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson

Saturday, October 11, 2008


With all that is happening with the stock market, housing market, gas prices, grocery prices. Many people need more money in the pocketbook.


People just coming home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. EDC Diamond's Turnkey Business Solution can help you. You will never have to leave your family again. Maybe because of what happened in the war you can not go back to what you were doing before going to war. With training and help with this turnkey business.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you've been injured in an accident and can no longer work at the career that you were in, what do you do now? If you have an illness that has left you or a family member unable to continue in you job, EDC Diamond's Vocational Rehabilitation can help you. They train you to help yourself.

Supplemental Income Training Package

Have you been laid off, want to be home with the children and still bring in money or just need more income because there is still to much month and not enough money. Then EDC Diamond's Supplemental Income Training Package is for you.

Supplemental Retirement Income Package

With the markets as they are, how is you retirement money doing? Are you now worried how you are going to do with a lot less money? If you are one of the 60% of retirees who will out live your retirement package, but you do not want to work the rest of your life. Then EDC Diamond's Supplemental Income Package is just for you.

I found these to be very interesting and could be very helpful for a lot of people. In the world today with so many people hurting, these could be very helpful to a lot of people.

Does anyone out there know of someone that could use one of these packages? Can you check it out for yourself that you will know if it is a scam or not? That way you can tell them about the packages so that you might help them.

I would like to know your thoughts on the packages and how it might help someone else or yourself. See for yourself if it would be worth checking into for them or for yourself. I would like to know if you have a good impression of it as I did. Now it is time to tack a look at the web site
at www.sunny.edcdiamond.com

Deanna Finlinson

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I found the best article on copy writing. You need to appeal to emotion to get your visitors to do something. If you want them to click a button, join a newsletter or buy a product. They need to do something. Next appeal to logic to help them to justify what needs to be done. It goes on to give the reasons why these two things are important. How to put them to use to get the visitor to take the action that you want them to take. To get to the article go to www.stompernetblog.com for the rest of this great article. Enjoy like I have. This group does such a good job at keeping you informed with this kind of good things.

What do you think am I right in how good it is?

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How do you come up with a niche market? Choose something that you are passionate about or that you know something about. Example: Travel. If you own a travel business then you would know about travel. This is a very big area. You need to narrow it down some. Let's try for example: travel by train. This is still a big area. You can narrow it down to a country or a specific part of a county. This needs to be as specific as possible.

The reason that it needs to be as specific as possible is to narrow it down. That way you get the traffic to your blog or web site that really want what you have. It help you get more sales. People to sign up for your news letter or what you are trying to do with your site. This really helps with your business.

Now it is time for you to find your niche. What is your niche? How are you going to use that niche market?

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson

Monday, October 6, 2008

REVIEW OF www.helpmybusiness.com

This is a web site that was started about April , 2008. Andrew Lock is doing this Web site. He teaches marketing by a weekly show on the internet. ( He teaches by the way of video.) It is a show that helps you get more done and have more fun. Each week he will share powerful marketing lessons you can apply to your business to take it to the next level.

He does think out side the box with what he comes up with. He even gives you a chance to ask questions.

Episode # 1 Marketing lessons from Disney, Guinness book of records and an amazing screen capture tool demo.

He teaches these things in unexpected ways. Now it is time for you to go see for yourself. Go to www.helpmybusiness.com . Enjoy what you will learn and put them to use yourself. I sure have.

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is a review of " Stomping the search engines 2 " it is put out by Stompernet at http://www.stompernet.com/ . This is great information on getting you blog or web site to the top of the search engine pages. The more you know about search engines the better off you are. This product is made by the people that know search engines the best.

They also have a newsletter that they call " The Net Effect. " It is mailed to you in the form of a book. These are some of the things that are in the first issue. They have 5 different Departments in the book " Research" , " Traffic & Marketing ", "Customer relationship marketing ", " Technology & business" , " Featured articles ". They have some really good information in this book. It does cost , what they teach is worth the cost.

Some of the articles in this issue are: " The " Keyword Heist" Technique " , " Wanna be Broke? Than maybe you shouldn't sell cheap " , " Ranking on page one" , " The ultimate article marketing" , " Email blastoff", " Speed matters" , " Armor-piercing email ". These are all worth reading and learning about. I am glad I could learn from them. I am pleased with what I have seen of the products that Stompernet has. It is worth checking out. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.

Deanna Finlinson

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Are you doing a blog? Find others that are blogging about similar subjects. This is a good place to look http://www.blogs.com . It will give you the top ten in the area that you are looking in. Go look at the other blogs. If they have things that interest you and you like it. Let them know that you like it, post a comment on their blog. ( Don't push what you have, but just talk about the blog that you are on.) You might get a comment back from them. You could become friends because you have a lot in common.

After you get to know each other, you might get the other person saying on there blog " go look at Jane Doe's blog." she has good things to say and I have learned from her. You could do the same for them. You both benefit from the exchange. Friendship for one thing. Sharing people on your lists. If you are blogging every day, it gets hard sometimes to come up with things to write about. If your friend has something good on that day, you could make a reference to your friends blog. Put a hyper link to there blog.

Deanna Finlinson

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Building your list takes some time and effort on your part. People have to know that you site, blog, product or service exists. If you are doing free site ads or paid site ads. They both work. Get the word out. Press releases are an other way to get the word out. Now to building the list. Ok people are staring to know that you are there. Here are some ways to help build the list so that you can promote your site or what ever it is that you want people to come to.

1. Do you have a newsletter ? This is a great way to get people to give you the information such as their name, email address, phone number, address.
2. Do you have a blog? This is a great place for people to join you. They like the things that they see on the blog. They come back often to see what is new. This is a great place to get their information.
3. Do you submit articles to different places? You can send them back to your blog or web site for them to read more and ask them to join your blog or buy a product.
4. If they are on your web site, you could give something away free. "Try our product for 30 days free ." " Here is a special report, for free."
5. Give away a free membership
6. Try putting some software on sale, an example might be " important keys for online product promotion by Eva Brown - Patterson" on sale for $9.99.
7. Bundle a group of products together and sell them for $100.00 (as an example.)
8. Build a relationship with your list. Send them emails with a video in it . This is a great way for them to get to know you better. They can see your humor, personality, if you are up front with them. This is the way of the future. Are you going to ahead of your competition. They are going to be there.

The power is in the list. He or she that has the biggest list wins. More money, more influence, more, more, more. It is time to build your list.

Deanna Finlinson

Friday, September 26, 2008


The subconscious control of visitors action with good web design. Web design makes a big difference on what our visitors do. How they see the pages. They buy by what they see.

Bright colors in the right places make that spot impossible to ignore. For example an orange buy button or a word in the headline in red.

How things are laid out on the page is important. Images consistently sized help to make it nice to look at. Using the same font styles and colors that are repeated make for a pleasing page.

The good use of consistency,Repetition, alignment, and proximity is visually pleasing. This is the smart use of visual and information design.

Deanna Finlinson

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Now that you have someone on your web site, they have signed up for your newsletter or they have bought your product. Now what? Do they sit and wonder "did it go though." If you have an auto responder, then a message that is already written will be sent out to them. It might say something as simple as " Thank you for subscribing" or "Thank you for your order".

If they sent an email, you can have a response saying "We will get back to you within 24 hours". That gives you some time to look at your emails and get back to them with the answer

They want the personal touch. If they can not get in touch with someone when they have problems, they get upset. That means bad word of mouth advertising and that spreads very fast. Sometimes faster then good word of mouth advertising.

Using follow - up email is just good business.

Deanna Finlinson


The ad body does not need to be long. Some of the better ads are the short , sweet and to the point. The purpose of the ad body is to get people to click into your web site as soon as possible.

This is the ads only purpose, to get people to click to your web site. It is not to sell, but to get the persons curiosity up to take a look at your web site. The web site is what will do the selling, if the web site is done right.

If no one ever gets to your web site, no one will buy what you are offering.

Here are some examples of ad bodies:
#1 money earner creates an easy system that the average Joe can do and earn a few grand a week. Nothing else online comes close (your website goes here).

Not MLM No Cold Calling NO Talking to Family and Friends! NO Selling! NO Answering Questions! NO Speaking To Prospects! NO Phone Calls At All! Average Joes who tried everything and never made any money are earning five figures a month. I'm a top producer you will get my system, it pours in the cash within hours.

Earn $3500-$6000 a Week. Work with Top Money Earner 1 on 1 Not MLM Never Pick Up a Phone Not Predator or Coastal 100% automated 100% internet based business See how Average Joes are earning $20,000 their first month Get the details here (your website goes here)

If you are tired of not making money on the Net and want something that really works, then go to: (your website goes here)

Deanna Finlinson


A great headline is what grabs the attention of the person looking at the ads. It gets them to read the ad and take action on what they read. If it is a good headline it works 100% of the time. Go find some ads. The ones that catch your eye, these are the good headlines. Copy and paste them to the desktop. Keep a list of them. They will help you come up with your own headlines. They can be changed to fit what you are offering.

These are things to keep in mind when writing headlines.
Does it have a sense of urgency? " Limited time offer " , "Only 100 left". It would need more to be a good headline, but this is the urgency that will get them to read on. Do not have they be boring or weak. Give them some zip. Some of your personality. It is best if they are not to vague.

Here are some examples:
Insane Income with Breakthrough Marketing System
Never Been Done Before See What Your Mi$$ing
We'll send you a Thank You Paycheck
Want to be a millionaire in 6 months?
Could $250,000 Change Your Life?
Told My Boss Goodbye and He Begged me to join my team
Six Figures in Six Months Insane Income with Breakthrough Marketing System
We'll send you a Thank You Paycheck
Want to be a millionaire in 6 months?
Could $250,000 Change Your Life?
Told My Boss Goodbye and He Begged me to join my team
Six Figures in Six Months

Deanna Finlinson

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Before creating your own ad headlines, it is important to know what NOT TO DO! Here are some examples of bad ad headlines. Using ad headlines like these will never get your ad opened. Here are the examples and what the problem is with the ad headlines.

Are you looking for a home based business that will make you real money? - Boring and where is the urgency to click on that
One time unique opportunity - Again weak and boring no sense of urgency
Never Before Seen in All these years -Trying way to hard I wouldn't click it
Wealth for patient passive type - So you mean it takes forever to make money no thanks
Here's your chance for 2007? - To Vague I wouldn't click it
Harness the Internet- Boring where's the money?
Oh My Goodness this works - my goodness, this headline stinks
Never before seen - we all know it has so why click
A website we highly recommend - Who are you? I'm not clicking
My Favorite website - Again who cares who are you
This program is awesome - like totally dude, I wouldn't click... to vague
Complete package of ecommerce tools - Snore where's the money?
New Discovery Eliminates waxing forever - I'm not touching this one
Get going on this today - Why where's the money... who are you to tell me to?

copyright 2008 Deanna Finlinson


If you have a web site with someone else. Are they helping you with training? Knowing more helps you to earn more. Are they training with things like " what to do in the beginning." How do you know what to do with auto responder, google, blogs, advertising, my space, craigs list?

Do you role play so that you know how to close the deal when people call on the phone.

Do you know the products that you are selling? Are you learning all that you can about the products that you are selling?

Can you write good ads that you catch the eye of people to get their interest so they will come to your web site so that they would buy your products.Can you write copy to convert visitors into people that buy your products.

Our competition are our best customers. Our training is second to none.

Deanna Finlinson

Friday, September 19, 2008


If you are starting a web site. These are some of the things that you will need to think about and do some research on. Domain names,auto responders,email account,merchant account and ads. Lets talk about what they are and the importance of these one at a time.

DOMAIN NAME: This is how you get to the web site. This is an example http://www.ddfinlinson0514.com/ . There are a lot of places to get domain names. Put " domain name" in search and you will get a lot of sites to choose from. The one I like is http://www.godaddy.com/ .

AUTO RESPONDERS: To respond to your visitors without being right at the computer all the time. The auto responder uses pre-written responses to send a response to your visitors. An example might be like this: " Thank you for you order." Or " you have already subscribed." This helps to automate the web site. To find sites that offer an auto responder, go to search and put in auto responder. Find the one that will work best for you. The one that I use is http://www.aweber.com/ . They are very helpful.

Deanna Finlinson

Part 2
EMAIL ACCOUNT: Emails help your visitors get in touch with you. It is helpful if you have one just for the web site. Do a search to find the sites that offer emails. ( Note: some are limited to the amount of emails that are in the in box at one time.) The one that I use is Gmail by Google. It holds a lot at one time.

MERCHANT ACCOUNT: This lets you accept credit cards as a form of payment. You can find web sites by doing a search. I use Google for this. One thing with Google, if you have something that the payment comes out every month. They do not do this. They do a good job for the one time payments. Pay pal is ok for the payments that come out every month, but some people have had problems with them freezing their accounts.

ADS: This is to get traffic to your site. If you do not have visitors that buy what you are selling, then no money comes into you. There are some places that you can post them for free. http://www.adlandpro.com/ is one of these. Some sites you pay for what is posted, like pay per click. An example of this is http://www.adwords.google.com/ . It is also good to use more than just one type of ads. You can go to places like http://www.craig/ to post ads, join groups,chat rooms, blogs. ( This means that you will need to do writing things. It is good to have what you are writing be about what is on your site and you can put your site address on them to send them back to your site.) Choose groups and chat rooms that are what your site is about, it drives targeted traffic to your site. They will be more willing to buy what you are selling. You can start your own blogs and direct it back to your site. You can post them to just the area that you are in or to the bigger cities across the country. Some even work for other countries. These are some other places to that you place ads or ways to send people back to your site. ( Think outside the box with some of these things.) :
http://www.backpage.com/ , http://www.myspace.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/ , http://www.youtube.com/ . See what else you can find. If you find other good places for any of the things that I have talked about, I would like to hear from you. Others would also like to know the information as well. I would like your comments.

Deanna Finlinson


The next step after you have made your choice of a web site. You have it up and running. The pay buttons are in place and working. The next thing is getting people to your web site. How is the best way to get people to your site.

This article will point you in the right direction. Enjoy.

How To Drive Hundreds Of Hungry Buyers To Your Website
By Tim Rohrer

If you can master the technique I am about to share with you, you will always have hundreds of hungry web visitors thirsting for your knowledge and more importantly interested in your products or service. You will have ultimately created the perfect wealth formula.There are tons of ways to drive traffic to a website, but for our purposes here today in this article, we are going to focus on "article writing." Writing content rich articles is exactly what Google, Yahoo and MSN are looking for. If you are not sure how search engines work, here's what happens. When you write an informative article either explaining, reviewing or investigating a particular product or service, then submit that article to hundreds of article directories, it's going to do 3 things for your website, drive targeted traffic, increase PR rankings in Google and will establish you as an authority within your niche market.Before you go out and submit a article to just any old directory, it's important to understand which article directories Google seems to favor. Over the past 3 years I have been able to pick up on a few reputable article directories that seem to give more exposure. The following article directories are favored by the Google search engine, ezinearticles, squidoo, buzzle articles, and searchwarp. It has come to my attention that my articles are ranked higher in Google and have received more exposure with the article directories listed above. Submitting to these directories with higher PR rankings gives your article more credibility, hence more exposure.After you have a well written article, typically you are allowed to place a link back to your site in the resource box. If you want to SEO your article for a particular keyword and have it rank higher in Google, instead of using a generic link, use a hyper link with the keyword you are trying to target. For example, if your business focuses on selling marketing strategies, then you would hyper link your site in the resource box using that keyword, "marketing strategies." Google recognizes this as anchor text and tends to rank your website higher for that particular keyword.Lastly, writing an article every few days or every few weeks begins to build your credibility with potential buyers within your niche market. Checking your article for relevant content related to your business, submitting them to the right article directories and giving away value within your article could potentially generate large influxes of web traffic. In the end, you have created a relationship with the reader and possibly someone that's willing to do business with you.

To Create your own blog website to publish your own articles, go to blogtocash.com and get your own website.

Deanna Finlinson

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is part 2 of this artice.

How To Build A Six Figure Income Online
By Tim Rohrer

Everyone is looking for the secret wealth formula and a get rich fast scheme online these days. The truth is, building your online business and earning six figures a year from home can be accomplished, but not overnight. Let me remind you, I said "can" be accomplished. Before we go any further in our discussion, let's take the preconceived notion that every business is a scam out of your head and clarify a few things. 95% of businesses fail online due to two simple factors. Number one, the level of your advertising and internet marketing experience and number two, finding a business that offers real value to the end user. If you are able to master these two factors, you will find that anything is possible online.Becoming a marketing master – There are so many different techniques used today in internet marketing, it's easy to become caught in the next best thing that you lose focus. Right now there are two techniques that are proven to work and one of them is cutting edge that every internet marketer should be doing. The first technique is called, "article marketing" In article marketing, the internet marketer writes informative articles discussing or reviewing a particular product or service. Taking this article, then submitting it to article directories provides content for hungry web masters. In return, when a web master posts an article on their website, it provides a link back to your service or product. Writing an effect article can lead to highly targeted web traffic and potentially a substantial influx of sales.Your next question may be, "how do I know what to write about?" There are already plenty of pre-written articles on your subject matter. A simple search at www.ezinearticles.com will bring up articles related to your keyword search. Using a number of pre-written articles to re-write your own article is a good start. Craig Garcia, the co-founder of EDC Gold, says “As a member of EDC Gold, we have several pre-written articles in a number of niche markets available for use.” “All you have to do is copy and paste them into the 110 article submission hubs in our member’s area”In addition to article marketing, video marketing is a new and upcoming technique. Google recently bought out youtube, a place where individuals can go and record videos of themselves promoting their business. Recording a simple video introducing who you are and the service or products you have available builds credibility and marks you as an authority in your niche market. Secondly, the Google search engine loves youtube. Posting a video on youtube in the proper categories using the proper keywords in your heading can earn you top positions in the Google search engine.Both techniques are proven to work and have been working for many internet marketers. Obviously the more you do for each technique stated above will drive more traffic to your business and ultimately put you in a profit building position.

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With all the trouble that the markets are having. Some companies are being taken over or filling for bankruptcy. More people are loosing there jobs and are having trouble finding another one. If they do find a job, it is often for less money than the other job that they had. They need more income.

Many are turning to the internet to fill the gap. It is hard to start your own site or find a good company to work with on the internet. There are some that will show how to do it so that you can earn some money with them. Here is an article to help find the good companies. This is part one of the article.

How To Build A Six Figure Income Online
By Tim Rohrer

How to Determine if it is a Legitimate Business or Ponzi Scheme?

Ponzi schemes are a type of illegal pyramid scheme named for Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant who used technique in New England in the 1920's. Although it was he who is most well known for using this scheme, the concept has been around for a long time.

These types of schemes are quite common and you have probably seen those hundreds of times, perhaps without realizing it. They are often in the form of messages that claim that for a relatively small investment, you can make huge amounts of money. There are many variations, but they all are based on the same concept: the promotion of what starts out to be, or appears to be, a real investment opportunity. Many times it involves the development of a valuable resource such as oil, gas, minerals or real estate. In a lot of cases, the resource does actually exist; however, the promoter has significantly overestimated its how much it is worth. In other cases the resource does not even exist. Either way, the promoter convinces investors that the asset can be further developed if they invest into it. In return, the promoter will share the profits with the investors.The concept works in the beginning and the initial investors do make the huge returns that they were promised. Because of this they are likely to invest more money and recruit new investors. The money being paid out, however, is not coming from the asset, but in the influx of new investors. For this reason, the only way that the investors will continue to get paid is through the continuous reinvestments or investments from new investors. As soon as investing slows down, people stop getting paid and the scheme begins to collapse. When the scheme collapses, most investors lose their money and have no way to recoup their losses. Although Ponzi schemes can last for a fairly long time before collapsing, legal authorities often break them up before they even get the chance because a Ponzi scheme is suspected and/or because the promoter is selling unregistered securities.The best way to avoid becoming involved in this type of scheme is to thoroughly research any investment before investing into it. If you see: a reliance on funds from new investors to pay commissions, a need for an inexhaustible supply of new investors, and/or absences of a profitable product or efforts to make profits through productive work; there is a good chance that it is indeed a Ponzi scheme.

One of the best companies on the internet is a company that teaches people how to market on the internet. If you do now know how to market, then now matter what products or services you provide, no one will ever know you are there. So to start with the basics, you need to learn to know how to market on the internet.

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To learn from the best is the easiest way to learn. They have been there and done that. They know the pitfalls, so they can help you to bypass the pitfalls. That way you can move ahead faster with less problems then if you are doing it on your own.
To gain greater knowledge it is good to look to someone with the knowledge to help. The kind of knowledge that people with web sites are looking for is " How do I get more visitors to my site for the least amount of money."
If you do not have a web site there are still things to learn in the financial markets with the links on the side to show what the market is doing. Just for fun there are videos from You Tube.
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