Friday, January 30, 2009

Here Is Something To Think About Even If You Are Young Or Elderly

"Wisdom is seldom possessed by
the Young
And never assured in the
Though difficult to Attain
Every one Searches for it!"

This was given to us by a friend. How true it is? How often do we fail to find that wisdom in ourselves or others? We need to use wisdom on the internet. To many are trying to take all that we have from us for their own ends. That thing called wisdom is needed more now than ever before. Take care, use wisdom in all that you do. Wisdom in how we do business on the internet and our on lives. Have a great day.

As always your comments are welcome.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Doing Article Marketng Are You Getting All The Back Links That You Should Be Getting

When doing article marketing, you are doing it to get back links to your blog or your website. In order to get more traffic to your blog or web site. Because more traffic should mean more sales.

Did you know that if you put the same article in 20 different places (as an example), that you would only get 2 back links from the search engines. They call it duplicate content. That is a lot of work putting the articles on those 20 sites, to get only 2 back links. Then you did the other 18 for what reason?

What can you do about it to make it any different? There is a lot that you can do, it just takes the right tools so that you can get the benefits from the work that you are doing. It is good to have something that can make your life better with less work and less of a waste of your time. It all adds to your bottom line or not. Wouldn't it be nice to get more for your efforts not less.What if you could place your articles in say 60 places and got 60 back links from them. Now that would be worth your time and effort, would it not? Would you rather have 600 or more articles and get all 600 or more, back links? Now that would be even better. If it was time saving and money making, that is worth doing. Look at how many more people could see your articles.

Now don't you think that those people that are reading your articles and liking them. They will want to know more about you and the product that you have to sell. That gets them to your blog or web site. They will have a greater chance of buying from you then from someone else, because they are pre-sold with you. That helps a lot. Trust is something that you need with those that come to your sites. They already like what they have seen and want more.

Now for this tool that will help you to do so much and get more done. It is called jet submitter.
This is where you can go to find out more about it:

This is a great tool that any one can use to help there online business grow. This is a free way to let people get to know you. Watch the video it explains what jetsubmitter does and how it will help you. It is a time saving tool.

We would like to know how you like it? Has it helped? Is it something that others will benefit from as well? Please leave your comments, we would be glad to hear from you.

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"Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look For The Articles That Are Now Posted

From the desk of Dan and Deanna Finlinson at "Marketing Unscrambled" have 3 articles that have been released on

Dan said "We would be please to have people visit to look for our articles"

Deanna said "For those that do marketing on the internet, these articles have information that every marketer needs to know."

Dan said "From real estate to selling a product, this is how to build your online business faster. To get more traffic and to get more sales."

Deanna said "It is time to end the suspense, these are the titles of the articles.
1. Article Marketing Can Build Your Business And Be More Profitable
2. Internet Marketers Do Two Things That Make Them Money
3. The Importance Of Curb Appeal For The Buyer And The Seller "

Dan said "What better way to help others than by sharing the knowledge that we have with others."

Deanna said "People need this information when they are "newbies" on the internet or they need a reminder now and again for those that have been on the internet for some time. This is useful for any business on the internet. Who would not want to get more traffic so that they could get more sales.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Do You Get Top Rankings On The Search Engines

Are you wondering how to get those top rankings on the search engines? Well this is a place that will help with understanding how to get your sites to the top of the search engines rankings. It is written by Mat Hockins. Check it out at this site: . He makes it very understandable.

How can this knowledge help you? Would you like your sites ranked in the top 10 on the search engines?

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LESSON #5: How to Avoid Scams

LESSON #5: How to Avoid Scams

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Share Our Strangth Bloggers Unite By Believe Achieve

This is some thing that we all need to help with. Ending child hunger. See all the details on our friend blog. Hugo and Roxanne tell what is happening all over the nation. Go to this blog to see what they have to say: , look for the post titled Believe Achieve- Share our Strength ! ! Bloggers Unite ! !

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LESSON #1: Introduction to Eric’s Tips

LESSON #1: Introduction to Eric’s Tips

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If A Site Said That It is Certified, Is It Really By Scott

This is an email that I got, it is to important to not include it here. So that everyone can benefit from it and not get taken by marketers that are trying to scam people for more money.


That is an almost magical word. Watch out because it can be deceiving. I talked with a less-than-honest Internet Marketer the other day about this. This guy is a leader in the industry and if I told you his name, it's possible that you know him. So I'm not going to use his name at this time. He told me something that was really remarkable though. He has a website where he sells products for the home.

He told me that he went into Photoshop on his computer and in about an hour, put together a very official looking little graphic that said, "CERTIFIED by Alexa" on it and placed that graphic in a strategic place on his website. Guess what happened. His sales went up 15%! Now, Alexa is a well-respected website and they wouldn't like it if they found out that their name and logo were being used in this way, but the truth is that this guy started making an extra $4000 per month because of that little word: certified. The reason this word is so powerful is because it indicates that this website has been evaluated by an external watch- dog organization and is therefore safe and scam-free.

The truth is that there really are legitimate ratings organizations out there protecting the consumer on the Internet. But if you don't know which ones are real and which ones are fabricated, you might fall prey to a scheme. So here is a list of the legitimate logos you can watch for as you seek a legitimate home business. I've also included examples of where some of these can be found. In each case, you don't even need to read the sales letter. Just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where the certification logo is located. Each one can be clicked on to verify that it is authentic.

Hacker Safe -- this organization provides member sites with credit card security as well as the protection of other data, like email addresses of customers. Don't trust the logo unless you see that it has been updated with a new date that is no older that 2 days back. You can see an example of this one in action at one of my personal favorites, The Millionaire League site. You can also see Hacker Safe in action at Make Money Taking Surveys.

Trust-E -- This organization ensures that its members do not spam the people who sign up for their email list. They also ensure that your email address is not shared with other organizations. They also handle dispute resolutions between the member company and any dissatisfied customers. See an example of this certification at The Rich Jerk'ssite . (He's now selling his whole package for $9.95 by the way--I'm not sure how he can make money doing that, but I'm not complaining. It's very good material.)

BBB Online -- This is one of the most respected trust bureaus on the Internet. It's the Internet presence of the Better Business Bureau. Member companies have to maintain very high standards to maintain good standing. Look at for an example of this one. Salehoo is the leading wholesale provider of the hottest selling eBay products. Members can order quantities of even just one for reselling on eBay and other Internet sites. (Members can also order for themselves--it's a great way to get the latest iPod or Xbox for yourself!) Click this link to go there:

Comodo -- This organization ensures SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) transmission of data between your computer and the member company's server. You can see an example of this certification at Bid Fuel. Bid Fuel provides users with a free eBay power sellers toolkit. Click this link to go there: Bid Fuel.

Honest-e Online is a watchdog organization that publishes individual "consumer information pages" for all of their member's websites. The purpose is to provide consumers with real-time access to each company's current profile, website address and description. You can actually see any complaints anyone currently has against a website when you click on the logo. I am proud to display this certification on my own website:

Remember though, you have to check out these certifications by clicking on them to see if they lead you to the actual certification service. Some website owners have been stealing the images without paying for the service. We have two more Secrets of Seduction to reveal. One of them is scary, but the other one is somewhat reassuring.

Look for the scary one tomorrow.


Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Formula's To Determine The Value Of Each Individual Visitor For The Best Use Of Your Ad Budget

It is important to know the value of each individual visitor. You are spending money on ads of many kinds - newspaper, radio, tv, magazines ads, if your doing ads off line. On line the ads can be just as varied - pay per click, solo, ezines are a few places that you can use to place ads. You need to know if your money is spent in the right place? If the ads are pulling in visitors or not? Is that ads bringing in the people that are wanting your products? You also need to know what ad the visitors came from, to know how well that ad is pulling in visitors?

These are the formula's to determine the value of each individual visitor:

1. Visitor conversion rate ( this is the percentage of visitors who buy form you ). To get that information you take the number of sales divided by the number of visitors that came to your site = the conversion per visitor.

2. Net profit per sale. To get that information you take the gross revenue subtract total expenses, divide the number of sales = net profit per sale.

3. Value of each visitor to your site. To get that information take the net profit per sale times it by the visitor conversion rate = the individual visitor value. An example of this would be
$ 15.60 net profit per sale times it by 4.10% visitor conversion rate = $0.63 this is the individual visitor value.

So if you are paying more than $0.63 for your pay per click you are loosing money and you need to look for something different, so that you can make money. You will not be in business long if you keep that up. That is why you need to know these formula's. They help you stay on track with your ads.

To recap, you need to know what ad the visitor is coming from (so you will know the ads that are working from the ones that are not working - poll or tweek the ones that are not polling, keep the ones that are working and put them in more places). How many of those visitor are buying from you? That is the visitor conversion rate. Find out the net profit per sale and the value of each visitor to your site. These are very important numbers. They could make the difference between staying in business or going out of business.

How would it help you to know these numbers? Now you know how to get these important numbers. May your numbers be profitable.

copyright 2009 Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Grow Your Business With Barter And Trade

This is something that has almost been forgotten about, but in the hard times that we have now it might be worth checking out. BARTER AND TRADE. You have to have something of value that you can trade for what you need. If you have that then this might be of interest to you. Think a service that you can do, printing business cards for an example. Do you have something to trade, a motor home that you do not want any more is an example of this.

Some of them are nation wide, others are more than just this nation. A community of small businesses trading for what their business needs and their family wants... without spending cash. A trusted system. A better way to do business.

These are some of the businesses that you could barter or trade with:
Accounting / bookkeeping
Car repairs
Message therapists
Vacation rentals
printing / stationery

Here are some web sites to visit to learn more about it:

This one is just getting started:

This one teaches you how to start your own barter, trade web site:

It is something to think about when times are more difficult than in years past. How has this helped you? Has it been worth your time and effort?

copyright 2009 Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting More Traffic To Your Blog In The Quickest Way Possible

If you have a blog, you have just as much need to get traffic to your blog as you do to your website. They work hand in hand with getting traffic to each other.

A great way to get your blog noticed is to join forces with other blogs. You find other blogs that are similar to yours, write good comments on there blog. They come to your blog and write comments on yours. Maybe you like something that they did that is worth writing about on your blog and you send people to see what they have. They do the same for you. You send traffic back and forth to each other. This is how you start a friendship with other blogs. You help each other out.

To find these like minded people, (do a search, I looked under blog directories to find these) these are places that you can submit your blog and find other blogs similar to your. Go to:

Submit your blog to directories, make comments on other peoples blogs, make friend in the blogging community. These are but a few that are in this category. You are not limited to just these you can add your blog to as many as you would like. The more the better.

If you are just starting out with your blog, make sure that you have about ten posts on your blog before you start adding it to the directories. That way when people find your blog it has something for them to read and enjoy.

These are from a search " free blog directories" check them out:

Add your blog to as many of these directories as possible. You could even add your blog to all of them if you choose. You will get more visitors that way. This helps your blog get noticed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and others search engines. People go to these search engines to find things. If you are getting noticed by search engines you are going to have more traffic to your blog and from your blog to your web site if they are linked to each other.

Make sure that you keep up with your posting of new posts. People will loose interest in coming to your blog if they have read it already and no new posts. If you can post every day that is best.

Your comments on how this has helped you, will help others that want to know if this will really help them.

copyright 2009 Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Article Marketing Can Help Build Your Business And Be More Profitable

Article marketing is a great way to help you build your business. The articles that you write are on the internet for a long time. Make sure that the information is correct. They get picked up by this ezine and they run it, people see it and go to your site. A blog picks it up next and other people see it, more people go to your site. It goes and goes. (This is free ads for your site. No money spent, just some time.) This adds more visitors to your site. More visitors means more sales for you if you have done it right. It works for you time and again, without you doing anything more to it.

You say "What do I write about." Well I say "write about some thing that you enjoy." This will keep your interest up and it will show through in your writing. More people will want to read it more. Remember the title is what will draw people to what you have written, make sure that it catches the eye. Here are some examples of what to write about: If you like scrap booking (maybe it is your business as well). Write an article about scrap booking tips. Another about things that will help others do something quicker and better than they have been doing it. That will be helpful to a lot of people that were doing something else and struggling with it. Where to find the best products? People have a need, you answer that need with an article.

The next question you might have is "What do I do with the article now that I have it written?" These are some sites to submit your articles to. (Some want it done how they want it done they will not accept it if it is not that way. Make sure that you do it by the guidelines that they give.)

Here are some places to submit your articles:

Write as you talk. In other words write in simple terms so everyone will understand. Do not use things like SEO without spelling out what it is. It is search engine optimization.

Once you get started with writing articles, you might decide that you like writing after all. It might turn out that to be an unexpected talent. The better that you write the better your business will do.

You will be better at writing emails to sell your products, ads, sales letters, promotions, content for your web site. If you can do these things yourself - how much money could you save. That helps your bottom line, if you do not have to pay someone else to write them for you.

Enjoy the writing. If you get stumped on what to write about -do a review on an article that you read or a product that you enjoy using. Make sure that you give them credit for what they wrote or the product that they offer. Link back to them on their site, they will love the visitor that they get from you.

How is article marketing working for you? Do not miss out because you think you can not do it. You will not know if you do not try. Give it a try. All the best to you.

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"Marketing Unscrambled"

Friday, January 2, 2009


We hope that you have a great New Year. That your internet business will grow in the New Year. That it will be a safe and happy one.

Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"


Do you do them ? ? ?



1. Divert traffic from one place to another. These are places to divert traffic from:

* Your blog
* An article that you wrote and published
* Ebooks that have your web site information in them
* Press releases

These things all have links to your site in them. They are always on the web for people to see, so they drive traffic back to your site. These are just a few ( these do not cost you any money to do).

* Place ads ( free ad placement or pay per click ads). These also divert traffic to your web site.

Now that you have traffic coming in, it is time for - -

2. Converting that traffic into money making opportunities. Here are a few ways to do that:

* By selling a product - yours or someone Else's product as an affiliate.
* Selling clicks - get paid to send people to another web site
* Creating leads - have people sign up for a free ebook or a news letter, that you can build your list.

By using overlooked or under the radar keyword phrases - diverting that traffic is easy to do. It is helpful if you can convert more of that traffic into your profits. That is were knowing the keywords and phrases comes in at. You want it to be people that are looking for your product or service.

Doing keyword research is the way to get that targeted traffic that you are looking for. There are tool that can help with the research. Do a search under keyword research tools. The keywords can also help you to get better search engine ranking and that is always a good thing. People use those keyword and phrases to help than find you and your product or service. If you are top on the list in searching those keywords and phrases you are more likely to be the one that they will choose. That gets more traffic and converts to more money in your pocket.

copyright 2009 Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"