Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This is a place to post ads free, at kedna.

If you are looking for another place to place your ads that does not cost anything. Try Kedna

They have just added central and south Florida to the areas that they cover. This is what they have to say about the new areas of coverage......

Buyers, sellers, employers and job seekers in Central and Southern Florida can now connect easier, more efficiently and at absolutely no cost, now that leading free advertising website has added Miami Advertising and Orlando advertising, respectively, to its expanding Florida Advertising Network.
The addition of Miami advertising and Orlando advertising is part of’s continued growth as the nation’s largest advertising network. Unlike other free advertising websites that cater only to visitors from major urban centers, targets nearly 19,000 local areas across the US – including big cities, small towns, communities and neighbourhoods.

“Each day, thousands of people visit our Florida advertising network,” commented Jose Noriega, Vice President and General Manager of Kedna Classifieds. “They’re either posting a free ad to promote their product, service, event, job opportunity or other news item, or they’re searching for everything from rental apartments, to new and used cars, to concert tickets and more. By adding Miami advertising and Orlando advertising to our network, we help buyers, sellers, employers and job seekers in Central and Southern Florida connect easily and efficiently.”

Advertisers in Florida and around the country can post an unlimited number of free advertising ads on for 90 days, and re-post them at no charge once they expire. They can also enhance their ads by including their Twitter account, YouTube videos, and other extras. Plus, they can share their ads over Facebook, Twitter and Google +, and link back to their business website for valuable Search Engine Marketing exposure.

I know I am looking for new places to place ads. Try out Kedna.

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