Monday, January 16, 2012

What is it to do Property Preservation of foreclosed homes.

There is a great need for people that do Property Preservation of foreclosed homes. With the great number of foreclosed homes that we have now. They need to get back on the market a quickly as possible. That is where these people come in at.  They do things like change locks to secure the property.

During the lock change and after the locks are changed with the keys in the door.

They take care of the pipes in the house by draining out the water and blowing the lines out with an air compressor so that the pipes do not freeze and break. That would damage the house.

They add RV anti freeze to all the sinks, toilets-bowls and tanks, shower/tubs, drains, drain the water heater.

They also take care of the outside of the house. To keep the yards looking good as well. Like the photo above where they are cutting back the weeds in the back yard. Mowing the lawn front and back.
They haul away the trash that is left behind in the house. They keep the property looking the best that it can be so that it can sell. Sometimes they even fix things with the house.

It is a needed service to the banks and to the area that these houses are in. It helps to keep the area from looking run down when the houses are empty.

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